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Lost: The Man From Tallahassee

Someone please tell me why did they pissed away 1/4 of the season with those first six episodes if they had this up their sleeves!

Lost gets interesting again! *still processing*

So, the man from Tallahassee is Locke's dad! When Ben started talking about this being all about Locke's dad, I had a good guess what was going to be on the other side of that door. (Of course, this being Lost, I was half expecting them to not show what Locke saw.)

I'm not a Ben fan, like, at all, but his evil mastermind skills here were quite something. And that weird admiration and envy he has going of Locke, for his communing with the island. Locke happens to give Ben exactly what he wants, so he gives Locke just what he wants?

And I think we all had that split-second of "oh shit" in the flashback, when Locke walked over to the window, just before it happened. Still, even seeing it coming, it was shocking. Now I'm starting to be glad Sawyer never met up with Cooper himself. I don't think Sawyer could ever be that vicious himself and act so swiftly and decisively ... and he would have ended up dead. :-/

You all know I'm mostly a Skater but I thought that was a great scene between Jack and Kate. I don't see why we can't have Kate caring for both Jack and Sawyer -- there was no reason for her to treat Sawyer the way she did. And of course I loved Jack saying he was coming back for her. (But Jack's having made a deal still doesn't explain why he was so happy and carefree and playing football!)

I was thinking maybe Locke would wait until they were all on board to blow the submarine -- I was starting to think the ep would end with Jack and Juliet getting on board and then BOOM. So I'm glad Jack's okay. But now he's not leaving after all. Awkward. I love his restraint in not telling Kate what he saw on the monitor, even though she realizes he must know.

Next week: the Niki and Paolo episode? And dear GOD, why do we have to add Sun to the list of people who've punched Sawyer? *sighs* I mean, she does owe him one (not that she probably knows about it), but still! So sick of him being the island punching bag! Or Mr. Comic Relief. At least he's shirtless! And I do hope it's Paolo and Niki biting it next week. We can only hope!

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