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GA, SPN, Bones

Hmmm. I was underwhelmed. That actress didn't do much for me. She was like a cross between Penelope Cruz and Selma Blair, neither of whom I like. Her "save me/kill me" speech to Sammy? Yeah, not tugging on the heartstrings. At all. And I guess Sammy angst doesn't affect me as much as Dean angst. I miss my Dean angst!

I was also disappointed at the werewolf "makeup," which was basically just long nails and teeth -- so what's to tell them apart from a vampire? And the whole having to kill her thing? I'm sorry, but if Oz (y'know, Seth Green), can live a full and responsible life as a werewolf, why can't she?

Sorry, guys, just not feeling this one. I did like Dean's crack about Sammy becoming the Dog Whisperer, though, LOL. But, OMG, the sex scene! Jesus, Lost never gets sex scenes like that and it's on later! Yowza. Can you imagine if that were Jack or Sawyer? And set to a Mark Lanegan song? Nice. Although, that final song playing over Sam's deciding to kill Madison was ... drippy. I have to give it a big "meh." Seriously, between this and last week, I don't know which one I disliked more. They totally should have had the GOOD actress, i.e, Tricia Helfer play the werewolf! Wow, can you imagine how she would have sold that last scene?

And, er, has Jensen put on some weight...?

Grey's Anatomy
Weirdly enough, despondent, regretful Izzie is not so hateful as "hellbent on trashing George's marriage at every opportunity" Izzie. Oh, she's still a selfish brat: if it feels right, it must be okay with God? Okay, then. And let's tell Callie? Yeah, no. Jeez, grow up, would you? And listen to Addison!

Derek, Devoted Meredith Lover. I said it last week but there's something about the way he loves her that makes me love her a little bit too. And I'm glad Patrick gets at least one good scene a week!

I do not get how Izzie's speech to the dead woman's daughter, which was really about her being a marriage-wrecking floozy, in any way applied to the dead woman she was supposedly talking about. Since when does making a mistake equal dying of a rare, congenital disease.

Finally watched last night's ep. Good, even if I had to avoid the boneless body analysis scenes. Ewwwww! And who doesn't love Angela? I hope she gives her drawing of the dead bride and groom to his family. Who do I get that feeling that Sully will turn up as a corpse and Bones will have to solve his murder too?

I missed last week's ep. Worth watching?


Mar. 24th, 2007 02:38 am (UTC)
They've completely assassinated Izzie's character ever since Denny died. She's been such a horrible BRAT. I can't believe I ever liked her, honestly. And while she wasn't as strident in this episode, her wanting to believe that she and George should be together, even though he's married is kind of a new low, even for her. And we thought Meredith had impulse control issues! Interesting how she's *not* confiding in Meredith, who was the other woman, but in Addison, who was the cheated-on wife. (Well, okay, and a cheater herself. What goes around comes around. But Izzie was mostly there for the being-cheated-on part.) Now I'm very curious what Meredith will think!

And yeah, when Callie finds out, she's going to fuck Izzie up. I seriously hope she beats the crap out of her. And to think, I used to not like Callie at all! Now I kind of want a "Do not mess with me" icon of her.


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