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More Lost Meta

So, after all that heavy thinking about Sawyer and Locke, post "The Man From Tallahassee," I was just pondering this simple question: In a word, what does each person on the island want? For LOCKE, I'd say Power. SAWYER, whether he knows it or not (and you can totally argue with me on this one) Acceptance, although he'd probably still tell you it's Vengeance.

What about the rest of them? Yes, they all need redemption and love (and a nice, hot shower and a comfy bed) but if you had to sum up their deepest desire in one word? And if that's not what they should want, what do they need?

JACK: That's tough. I think he thinks he wants Control. But not in a scary, power-mad Locke way, but just because he's had too much chaos in his life. And in making his decision to leave on the sub, I think he opted for Freedom. We all know he never wanted to lead and this is a not entirely optional way out of that.

KATE: Also a tough one. We all know Kate doesn't know *who* she wants, let alone *what.* Do we even know Kate at all? Does she know herself? She tried settling down and it didn't work, so fresh starts and true love don't work for her. I almost think she must hate herself more than Sawyer does because she does not seem comfortable in her own skin. At the risk of being extremely clichéd, I'd say Freedom is kind of her cage but she craves it all the same.

SAYID: Forgiveness. He got it from one of his victims and from Nadia as well, but he can't ever be completely forgiven for what he's done.

CHARLIE: Love. The poor guy just wants to be loved.

CLAIRE: Dare, I say, Respect. No one ever gives this girl any respect, hence her huffiness when Charlie did not buy into her avian rescue plan.

HURLEY: He'd probably love to be thin and get the girl, but I'm guessing at the top of his list is to be Uncursed.

DESMOND: He blew his second chance with Penny. The writers seem to think he's struggling to be a Great Man. I think he really just wants Penny. (And hey, I'd say being psychic and saving lives is a definitely a kind of greatness. He and Hurley and Charlie should definitely sit back and discuss their different curses. Desmond: I can foresee people's deaths. Hurley: Everyone around me dies. Charlie: *backs away slowly from both of them*

But what do you think?



Mar. 25th, 2007 04:55 pm (UTC)
Aww, thank you! :) It is something they should all be keeping in mind and making sure each character reads true to their own inner compass, no matter what's going on, but I'm not sure that they do. Looking back, it seems like there's a continuity there sometimes, and other times, not so much!

And yes, what they want on the island is very different from what they want out of live, overall, especially for Desmond and Sawyer, I'd say. Jack is always struggling with responsiblity and guilt, Kate is always running and Hurley is cursed wherever he goes, but Desmond and Sawyer's destinies are quite different here. Locke too, except that I think he's always wanted power and control and now he's able to get it, so his desires haven't changed, just his opportunity to achieve them.
I was thinking of providing a list, like Control, Power, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Love, Safety, Peace - and realized that they all want those things, in varying degrees, with Control and Power being at the top of most of their lists. Jack gets control by making sure everyone is safe from harm, Sawyer gets control by collecting things and making people come to him for them and Locke gains control by being the scary guy with all the knives who can commune with the island. And I think Kate gets control by not letting anyone control her. But, say for Hurley, those aren't issues at all, since, of course, he and Charlie are the beta males and sidekicks of the story, for the most part.

And I couldn't think what to come up with Jin and Sun except that they want to be happy and be with each other, which aren't very dramatically compelling drives. They were so much more interesting when she was keeping a secret from him! Now she's kind of the island maternal figure and he's comic relief.
Mar. 25th, 2007 07:14 pm (UTC)
And I couldn't think what to come up with Jin and Sun except that they want to be happy and be with each other, which aren't very dramatically compelling drives.

I'm going to have to disagree with that. Of course, it depends mostly upon your perspective and who's stories really grab you, but Sun and Jin have always interested me (well, more one than the other, but they can be a packaged deal sometimes) and I think that they're are a little more complicated then that.

For Sun, what I would pick is Independence. The way I see it, all of her life she's been controlled by someone. First it was her father, and then it was Jin. Coming from Jin it was something of a betrayal because he loved her and he wasn't supposed to try to control her. The way she gained her independence off the island was by planning to leave Jin. On the island, I believe, she gets more independent every season. In the beginning, I don't think her name was said without Jin's. It was like they were one person. But now, they're grown apart enough to become individuals, but still remain together. Sun has made so many steps forward and she's finally been able to have both her independence and her marriage -- like at the the end of 'The Whole Truth' when she tells Jin that she's going to stay alone in the garden for a while longer and he doesn't spaz out on her. I agree that there is a maternal figure thing, what with the fact that they keep shoving babies at her, but I also think that was always a part of her, long before she was pregnant, so it's easy for me to ignore in favor of all the other things I see in her.

For Jin, I would say that he's similar to Desmond in the way that what he really wants is Sun, but he never believes he's good enough for her. Like Penny, Sun was very rich with a prick for a father, and she fell in love with someone way below her social standing and her father made it very hard on them. Jin behaved the way he did in the first season, I believe, because he had been being violent for so long, he'd forgotten how to be anything else. He still thought he had to fight to keep Sun, which was, unknown to him, one of the reasons she wanted to leave him in the first place. As time went on, and they fell apart and came back together, I think he realized what he was doing to her as well as the fact that he really didn't have to fight for her any more, as well as the fact that she was her own person, and if he loved her, he would let her be that. But he always struggles with that violent guy, the guy he became because of how much he wanted to be with Sun.
Mar. 26th, 2007 01:48 am (UTC)
I agree with all of this and yet I'm just not really feeling it lately. It almost seems like the writers have decided Sun and JIn's arcs are done and they're kind of idling in the background. Not that they're not interesting, but they've had very little of interest to do lately. I believe there's a Jin backstory coming up, so a chance to give him more to do. They're hardly the only ones who've been sidelined and Sayid and Claire have gotten good eps, so .. *fingers crossed*

(And I don't knock Jin as comic relief but no one ever wants to be just that!)


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