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More Lost Meta

So, after all that heavy thinking about Sawyer and Locke, post "The Man From Tallahassee," I was just pondering this simple question: In a word, what does each person on the island want? For LOCKE, I'd say Power. SAWYER, whether he knows it or not (and you can totally argue with me on this one) Acceptance, although he'd probably still tell you it's Vengeance.

What about the rest of them? Yes, they all need redemption and love (and a nice, hot shower and a comfy bed) but if you had to sum up their deepest desire in one word? And if that's not what they should want, what do they need?

JACK: That's tough. I think he thinks he wants Control. But not in a scary, power-mad Locke way, but just because he's had too much chaos in his life. And in making his decision to leave on the sub, I think he opted for Freedom. We all know he never wanted to lead and this is a not entirely optional way out of that.

KATE: Also a tough one. We all know Kate doesn't know *who* she wants, let alone *what.* Do we even know Kate at all? Does she know herself? She tried settling down and it didn't work, so fresh starts and true love don't work for her. I almost think she must hate herself more than Sawyer does because she does not seem comfortable in her own skin. At the risk of being extremely clichéd, I'd say Freedom is kind of her cage but she craves it all the same.

SAYID: Forgiveness. He got it from one of his victims and from Nadia as well, but he can't ever be completely forgiven for what he's done.

CHARLIE: Love. The poor guy just wants to be loved.

CLAIRE: Dare, I say, Respect. No one ever gives this girl any respect, hence her huffiness when Charlie did not buy into her avian rescue plan.

HURLEY: He'd probably love to be thin and get the girl, but I'm guessing at the top of his list is to be Uncursed.

DESMOND: He blew his second chance with Penny. The writers seem to think he's struggling to be a Great Man. I think he really just wants Penny. (And hey, I'd say being psychic and saving lives is a definitely a kind of greatness. He and Hurley and Charlie should definitely sit back and discuss their different curses. Desmond: I can foresee people's deaths. Hurley: Everyone around me dies. Charlie: *backs away slowly from both of them*

But what do you think?



Mar. 25th, 2007 06:01 pm (UTC)
While I agree that Charlie wants to be loved, I think that what he wants most is, like Claire, respect. Most of his negative actions have been driven by a sense of frustration at someone not giving him the respect that he (thinks) he deserves - half a dozen hissy fits, his 'revenge' on Locke and so on - he seems so desperate for someone (anyone) to take him seriously and to be able to prove that he is useful in some way. I think his decent into drug addiction destroyed any sense of self-respect that he had (and most likely lost him the respect of his family and friends) and that is what he is most desperate to get back. So maybe self-respect rather than respect. Hmmm.

I'm not sure if Sayid believes he can ever be forgiven for his sins, I think his is a true journey of redemption in that he is searching for a way to atone for his past but not necessarily looking for a way to be absolved from it. While you're right that redemption is very much a want shared by all of the characters, for me, it is a thing I most strongly identify with Sayid - for example we know that Sawyer killed a man but we also know that his reasons for doing so were (however we view the taking of a life) fuelled by a need for revenge and that he was tricked into taking the life that he took, whereas Sayid's actions as an 'intelligence officer' were not driven by any personal vendetta or other 'forgiveable' circumstance and ,again for me, that is what drives him now, his knowledge that he can never truly be forgiven but that he can attempt to balance the bad actions in his past with good actions in the present.

[sorry, that all probably sounds like I am arguing with you which I'm not, I was just on a roll! *smooch*]
Mar. 25th, 2007 06:15 pm (UTC)
Oh no, this is all good! :) I certainly don't think my take was the definitive one on any of them and I was hoping to get discussion just like this going. I would certainly agree that Charlie also wants respect and I was very close to putting that down for him as well as Claire. He's tried to volunteer for missions as often as he can and to be taken seriously and he kind of hovered around Locke and Jack the way Boone did, perhaps hoping to end up as a righthand man. But no one has ever taken his efforts seriously and, much like Boone, nothing seems to go right, whether it's protecting Aaron or shooting Ethan.

I guess, in choosing Love for Charlie, I was mostly thinking of his childhood, with his mom gone and his dead completely AWOL (if I remember correctly, we don't know a thing about him) and Liam abandoning him. But as eponine119 pointed out, what most of them want is different on and off the island.

And I think we all can find Sawyer's crime justifiable, given that his drive for revenge is so personal and stems from something so primal that happened in his childhood; for him to not seek revenge would practically be a miracle. In Sayid's case, yes, he was an adult with free will who did not have to choose that path, even if he had ways to justify to himself at the time.

And then I think we have Locke, a mixture of the two, who was screwed-over as a child but had the most harm done to him as an adult and is slowly self-destructing as a result. He doesn't have either the degree of distance and control over that hole in his soul that Sawyer and Sayid seem to have, to be able to cope day to day. I think (as I was saying in my big Sawyer & Locke post) that the island has intensified and enabled the dangerous and destructive side of Locke, whereas it's offered Sawyer and Sayid the opportunity to become better men, in a way.
Mar. 25th, 2007 06:48 pm (UTC)
If you look at the way Charlie acts when he is with Sayid (and for once I'm not thinking slashily, honest, I'm only using this icon 'cos it's the only one I have!) you can see how different he is when someone is not treating him as a child. Sayid treats Charlie as an equal and because of that Charlie doesn't bitch and moan and question decisions he just does what he is asked to do. Look at the way he reacted to Hurley telling him about his lottery win, Charlie assumed Hurley was taking the piss and so he flew off the handle and stomped off into the jungle for some pouting time - his desire for respect (and his own lack of self-respect) is so strong that it colours the way he sees everyone around him, making him constantly question people's motives for the way they treat him. It's kinda sad really.

I agree with you about Locke's dangerous side being brought out by the island, it's interesting that while most of the other characters are being improved (as such) by their time on the island, Locke is the only one who could be seen to be being badly affected by his time there. I wonder why that is and even if the writers meant for him to be viewed that way or if they meant for his actions to be seen as him seizing control of his life after spending so much time with little or no control. hmmm.
Mar. 26th, 2007 01:45 am (UTC)
Sayid/Charlie 4eva! :)

Charlie and Hurley have had some stumbling blocks in their road to becoming BFF. *pets both boys and their issues*

Locke spinning out of control seems a recent development, but then again he did let Boone die. And remember the "Bzzt" joke he made with the dynamite? Heh, I have an icon of that, with him laughing and Jack looking like he wants to murder him. So, yeah, Locke's always been a little unhinged and kinda reckless. But lately, yow. Stand back! The man has a date with destiny, even if he has to bumrush it! Seriously, I do think the island is his golden opportunity, not just for getting his legs back but for being able to get that control and respect he's never had. Would anyone back in the real world have consulted him about anyting besides geeky war games? I think not!


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