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More Lost Meta

So, after all that heavy thinking about Sawyer and Locke, post "The Man From Tallahassee," I was just pondering this simple question: In a word, what does each person on the island want? For LOCKE, I'd say Power. SAWYER, whether he knows it or not (and you can totally argue with me on this one) Acceptance, although he'd probably still tell you it's Vengeance.

What about the rest of them? Yes, they all need redemption and love (and a nice, hot shower and a comfy bed) but if you had to sum up their deepest desire in one word? And if that's not what they should want, what do they need?

JACK: That's tough. I think he thinks he wants Control. But not in a scary, power-mad Locke way, but just because he's had too much chaos in his life. And in making his decision to leave on the sub, I think he opted for Freedom. We all know he never wanted to lead and this is a not entirely optional way out of that.

KATE: Also a tough one. We all know Kate doesn't know *who* she wants, let alone *what.* Do we even know Kate at all? Does she know herself? She tried settling down and it didn't work, so fresh starts and true love don't work for her. I almost think she must hate herself more than Sawyer does because she does not seem comfortable in her own skin. At the risk of being extremely clichéd, I'd say Freedom is kind of her cage but she craves it all the same.

SAYID: Forgiveness. He got it from one of his victims and from Nadia as well, but he can't ever be completely forgiven for what he's done.

CHARLIE: Love. The poor guy just wants to be loved.

CLAIRE: Dare, I say, Respect. No one ever gives this girl any respect, hence her huffiness when Charlie did not buy into her avian rescue plan.

HURLEY: He'd probably love to be thin and get the girl, but I'm guessing at the top of his list is to be Uncursed.

DESMOND: He blew his second chance with Penny. The writers seem to think he's struggling to be a Great Man. I think he really just wants Penny. (And hey, I'd say being psychic and saving lives is a definitely a kind of greatness. He and Hurley and Charlie should definitely sit back and discuss their different curses. Desmond: I can foresee people's deaths. Hurley: Everyone around me dies. Charlie: *backs away slowly from both of them*

But what do you think?



Mar. 27th, 2007 11:05 am (UTC)
Mmm. Which all makes me wonder: what's the island up to when choosing whose wishes she grants? (Yeah, I'm not gonna analyse my choice of pronoun there right now, but given the thing does seem to have a personality, it makes sentence structure easier.)

The island likes Locke better than Ben - assuming the island's 'good', does that mean that Locke's fundamentally a good guy and Ben's fundamentally not? Or, assuming the island's 'bad', vice versa?

The killing of Eko suggested that the island sometimes deals out some karmic smackdown for people's deeds, however much the actions were forced by circumstances. But then Sayid, at least, would also be due a smackdown, which doesn't seem to have happened. And if the island's in the business of righting wrongs, I can see her granting Locke's wish for independence, but I can't imagine his subsequent grab for power was what she had in mind. In which case... ooh, maybe that's the meaning of the "you're/we're next" after she killed Eko. Though if she can take back his mobility as a hint that she wants a sacrifice, I'm sure she could take it back if she thinks it's being misused. But then, see below: maybe she likes her consequences more extreme.

Maybe she's like a terrifying old-skool heathen god, and she's on the side of whoever bothers to sacrifice to her, but you'd better not take her for granted. Maybe Rousseau's survived for so long because she knows when to leave well enough alone. But in that case, why heal Rose, who seems to be a Christian and therefore not really in the business of sacrificing people to islands on the offchance of a reward? (Unless Rose is hiding some major dark side... ha. Kidding.) Why manifest stuff to help people deal with their issues? Sawyer and the boar, for instance - I really can't see that kind of being giving a damn whether Sawyer gets a second chance not to kill someone. And healing Locke in the first place - although maybe she just saw a potential cult-member there and wanted to give him a nudge. Can't see her thinking that'd work with Rose, Sawyer et al, though. And I can't see that sort of being thinking Eko needed to be punished, in particular - I mean, why bother? Unless she was just really, really pissed off that he was building a church on her territory, of course ;-) Hey, maybe that's why Charlie's apparently doomed, too.

Speaking of:

He and Hurley and Charlie should definitely sit back and discuss their different curses. Desmond: I can foresee people's deaths. Hurley: Everyone around me dies. Charlie: *backs away slowly from both of them*

Hahahahaha. Totally.


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