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Lost: Left Behind

Wow, could this have been any more heavy on the femmeslash? The whole Cassidy helping Kate thing only makes sense if they were fucking. And hey, who's going to write that?

Also: Juliet getting socked in the face? Getting fucking whipped by Kate? So damn sweeet!

And so... what was with the flashes from the monster? It's the paparazzi now?

And do NOT tell me Sawyer needs help in sucking up to people. HE FUCKING CHARMED AND SEDUCED PEOPLE FOR A LIVING FOR THE LAST 17 YEARS OR SO. GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK. Except, OMG, a Sawyer/Desmond scene! So, Desmond's the new Locke? Does that make Sawyer the new Boone? Oh no, he's the new leader..... and a very gullible one. I mean, I guess I like that in a way but oh, hang it all. Sawyer being socially awkward has never made sense. Bleah.

I liked the scene between Kate and her mom. It was a nice way to bridge the gap between what we've already seen.

And ha, Juliet reciting the facts she knows about Jack and insisting that Kate doesn't really know him? Yep, ficced it. (Kinda.) And ahh, Juliet, you duplicitous bitch. She had the key all along. Why on earth would Kate take pity on her?

But, of course, poor brokenhearted Jack does! *sighs* Maybe it's him reliving the Sarah cheating on him trauma. *sighs again* Sayid is so right. Juliet should not be going back with them. She's still the enemy! They still can't trust her. At least all the Others are gone now, so that's kind of a mixed blessing. Except she's the one I wanted gone the most!

And next week: Juliet: "If I tell you everything I know, you'll kill me." Sayid: "What do you think I'll do to you if you don't?" YES! And I suppose I shouldn't be so gleeful in recalling that he has actually tortured women. Not that Lost would ever actually go there.

I am so torn about next week. Jack and Sawyer in the same scene after 15 fucking episodes and 11 months apart! But ... it's a Juliet ep. Dammit, why couldn't she just run off into the jungle with Danielle?

ETA: My theory: Juliet is a plant and absolutely not to be trusted. What would the Others want with them now? Eh, who knows? And hey, wouldn't everyone want to relocate to the nice Others village? What is it with the Losties always having to go back to roughing it?

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