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Jack/Kate - "whisper" drabble

I'm sure this has been ficced to death, but ...

He wouldn’t look at her, just kept his head down, hands folded over his chair, its back one more barrier between them. He said goodbye but the man she knew was already gone.

He stood to leave, and then, in afterthought, leaned in close, whispering in her ear, “I’ll come back for you.” And she believed him.

But now there is nowhere to go, nothing to come back from.

There are no more cameras, no one watching them anymore, but he still won’t look at her.

All she has left is his whispered promise, the one he never meant to keep.

And hey, has anyone else exceeded 100 tags for, say, Lost fic? Now what? Well, there's always memories.
Tags: jack/kate, lost_drabble, lost_fic_s3

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