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Master Fic List

Also see pertinent tags: Lost Season 1, Season 2, Season 3. (Mostly refers to when the fic is set, not when it was written.) Also, misc. Lost drabbles

Lost: Gen Fic | Lost: Crack!fic | Jack/Sawyer fics | Lost AU series | Jack/Sawyer/Kate fics | Jack/James fics | Sawyer/Kate | Lost: Other pairings | Lost: RPS fics | Lost Crossover fics | Grey's Anatomy fics | Supernatural fic | Miscellaneous fic

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Aftermath (PG-13) August '05
Handful of vignettes set after the season one finale.

All of Our Hands (Jack, Libby, Eko - PG) December ''05
Jack never thanked Eko for bringing Sawyer back

Alter Ego (PG) January '05
Sawyer was one of his favorite alter egos.

The Art of Losing (PG) August '07
The first time Jack loses a patient.

Blood and Water (PG) August '08
When James was little, he could fly. (Set post S-4 finale)

Cats & Dogs. (PG) April '05
Walt and Sawyer classify the castaways

Clementine (G) January '08
Sawyer meets his daughter

Cradle (PG-13) November '05
All Jack has to offer Sawyer is his hands (Gen Jack-nursing-Sawyer fic)

Every Day is Exactly the Same (PG) January '06
Jack is worried about Sayid. Missing scene for “What Kate Did."

Failed (PG-13) September '05
Sawyer wishes Jack were here (Set during "Adrift")

Falling Apart on the Inside (PG) October '07
Sayid counsels Jack. A revision of a scene from "White Rabbit."

Five Memories Sawyer Wishes He Didn't Have (PG) September '06
Faint Sawyer/Kate, faint Sawyer/Cassidy

The Gift (R) December '05
The island gives back what it’s taken, and more (Slight Jack/Kate, Sawyer/Kate, Sawyer/Jack)

Guardian (PG) November '07
Kate feels more like Aaron's guardian than his mother. Post island AU (Light Jack/Kate)

An Indefinite Amount of Time (R) January '05
Sawyer meets up with the real Sawyer (Written pre-"Confidence Man")

Keep Your Friends Close (PG) November '05
Claire can't help being afraid of Ana-Lucia

Last Request (PG) November '05
Ana gives Sayid a choice. He takes it. (Not for fans of Ana Lucia!)

Necessity (R) May '06
Michael's fate is in Jack and Sawyer's hands

Never (PG) June '07
Sayid makes a wish for Shannon (Post "Abandoned" ficlet)

The Outlaw James Ford (PG) September '06
Jack wants to know more about Sawyer's real name

A Rare Case of Conscience (PG) January '05
Sawyer gives Claire's diary back to Charlie

Shift (PG) July '07
Three different reactions to the crash (Jack, Sawyer, Kate)

Shoot First (PG) May '05
Sawyer doesn't even get a chance to fire. (Post "Exodus")

Speak of the Dead (PG-13) October '07
After the island, someone is stalking the survivors of Flight 815. Written for Lost Horror Stories.

Unfinished (PG) June '07
Shannon does the crossword puzzle in pen

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According to Plan (PG-13)
Hurley has a scheme to get Sawyer and Kate back together (Post "Stranger in a Strange Land")

The Bachelor: Paradise Island (Series, PG - NC-17)
Jack Shephard is The Bachelor!
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

Built to Last (PG-13)
Jack finds out the truth about The Others

The Cartwright Curse (PG)
The Cartwright brothers -- Jack, Sawyer, Sayid, and Boone -- are extremely unlucky in love.

The Curse of Craphole Island (PG-13)
Inspired by a certain Wallace & Gromit film. Light Jack/Sawyer

Secret Admirer (PG-13)
Someone has a crush on Jack. Jack/Sawyer, one-sided Tom/Jack,

Super Sexed Studs in Heat! (NC-17)
Turned out the island made them into supermen in the sack. Jack/Sawyer/Sayid/Desmond

Who Loves Ya, Baby? (NC-17)
Suddenly, everyone just loves Sawyer

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See also: AU series, Jack/James fics

As Sure as the Sun (NC-17)
Once the island had been the nightmare but now he couldn’t imagine leaving. Not without Sawyer. (Post-Through The Looking Glass)

Bedrest (PG-13)
"These your boxers, doc?" Not-quite-porn nursing fic

Benefits (PG-13)
Charlie resents all the attention a recuperating Sawyer is getting (Hints of Jack/Sawyer, Charlie/Claire)

Bittersweet (NC-17)
After Jack refuses to push the button, he finds Sawyer is his only ally

Black Coffee (PG)
Sawyer and Jack bond over a cup of Dharma coffee

Blame (R)
Jack blames himself (Captivity fic)

Caught Up (R)
Jack's not sure which of Sawyer's confessions is playing with his mind more (Post "Three Minutes")

Clean (NC-17)
Sawyer has a plan to get even with Jack (Post "Deus Ex Machina")

Confessions of a Vodka Thief (PG)
Jack steals Sawyer's vodka (Post "Three Minutes")

Doctor-Patient Privilege (R)
Shower porn

Don't Move (NC-17)
Tent porn

Everything There is to Know (PG-13)
Sawyer reads the file on Jack (Light Jack/Sawyer, ref to Sawyer/Kate)

Fair Warning (NC-17)
Sawyer has a surprise for Jack (BDSM)

Fever (PG)
Throughout the fever, Jack is the only constant. (Jealous!Sawyer fic)

Hand in Glove (Series, Rated PG - NC-17)
Jack offers massage therapy to headache-prone Sawyer. Alternate version of events for “Deus Ex Machina”
Part 1, 2, 3

A Handful of Trouble (NC-17)
Jack has a novel way to treat Sawyer when he pulls a muscle. Swimming porn.

Happy Little Family (PG-13)
Sawyer is jealous of Jack's newfound relationship with Claire and Aaron

The Hard Way (R)
Sawyer doesn't like to take the easy way out (Post "The Hunting Party")

I Want to Hold Your Hand (PG)
Sawyer's hand hurts

Invisible Man (PG)
After bringing Charlie back to the cave, Jack gets comfort from Sawyer

Just What the Doctor Ordered (NC-17)
On a sweltering hot day, Jack and Sawyer go swimming at the waterfall

Lay It Down (R)
Sawyer gives Jack his poker winnings

Luck (Series: Rated PG - R)
Jack and Sawyer survive a polar bear attack (I wish I could say this was crack!fic)

Lucky Star (PG)
Jack is Sawyer's lucky star (Drabble)

Make Love, Not War (NC-17)
Jack and Sawyer are put in a timeout in the hatch -- whatever will they do while they're stuck in there?

Morning (R)
Jack likes watching Sawyer sleep

A Show of Strength (NC-17)
Payback’s a bitch (sequel to The Use of Force)

Smile Like You Mean It (PG)

Stretch Out and Wait (NC-17)
Jack helps Sawyer exercise his arm (Post "Fire + Water")

Sun, Ocean, Sand (NC-17)
Sawyer is the ocean and he’s drowning in him

Underwater (PG)
Hatch bunk ficlet

The Use of Force (NC-17)
Jack wants to teach Sawyer a lesson (Non-con)

Whiskey and Water (PG-13)
Sequel to Invisible Man. Jack and Sawyer share a bottle of whiskey

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Follow You Into the Dark (R)
Post "Through the Looking Glass" - Sawyer follows Kate to her rendezvous with Jack (Sawyer/Kate, Jack/Sawyer)

Frost and Fire (PG-13)
They have nowhere else to be, except here, with each other by the fire

A Handful of Photos (PG)
Jack's favorite subject to photograph is Sawyer (Sequel to The Sea)

The Head, Not the Heart (R)
Going back to the island had become Jack's obsession (Very dark post-Through The Looking Glass fic)

Man in the Mirror (PG-13)
Jack worries about turning into his father.

Numb (PG-13)
After 19 years on the island, Sawyer is dying of lung cancer

The Sea (PG)
Mexico is not so different from the island

Steve McQueen Never Wore a Motorcycle Helmet (PG-13)
Sawyer refuses to wear a motorcycle helmet

Trimming the Tree (R)
Jack's determined to have a Merry Christmas with Sawyer, even if it kills him

Wild Horses (NC-17)
Finding it hard to cope with being back in civilization, Jack and Sawyer head for the nearest bar

Jack/Sawyer AUs ___________________
(See also: AU Series)

The Bachelor: Paradise Island (Series, PG - NC-17)
Jack Shephard is The Bachelor!
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

Bleed Together (NC-17)
Sawyer meets Jack, and not Christian, in that bar in Sydney

Hero of the Day: Part 1, Part 2 (PG-13)
Sawyer has a bad feeling about a fellow airline passenger

The Mix-Up (NC-17)
The wrong escort shows up at Jack's hotel room

Private Lessons (PG)
Sawyer is a tennis pro. Jack needs some help with his swing. TBC...

Warm Bed (R)
Two men, one hatch, one button, one eternity

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The Interview (Jack/Sawyer, Series Rated PG-13)
Police psychologist Jack interrogates James Ford, who already seems to know him

Night Fall (Jack/Sawyer/Kate, Unfinished WIP, Rated PG-R)
Jack and Sawyer are P.I.s in 1952 Los Angeles. Co-written with foxxcub

Pirate 'verse (Jack/Sawyer)
  Shooting Star (NC-17)
Sawyer is a pirate, Jack his captive
  Silk (NC-17)
PWP, pirate bondage porn
  Out of the Rain (NC-17)
During a storm at sea, Jack and Sawyer relive a pivotal moment

You Only Live Once (Jack/Sawyer/Kate, Series Rated R - NC-17)
Escaped convicts Kate and Sawyer take a priest (Jack) hostage

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(See also: AU series)

Above You, Below Me (PG-13)
Inspired by the UK promo for S1

The Big Steal (NC-17)
Jack keeps his key but loses his pants

Blackout (NC-17)
Sequel to Possession. Jack's dark side troubles Kate (Sawyer/Kate, Jack/Kate)

First Cut (PG)
Jack finds a reason to do the surgery

The Glass Wall (R)
Jack's never felt closer to them (Set after "I Do")

Leverage (Series: Rated NC-17)
Part 1, Part 2
They're using him to hurt Jack. (Verk dark captivity fic)

Missed (NC-17)
Sequel to Ache. Sawyer knows no one gives a damn about him

Possession (NC-17)
Kate spies on Jack and Sawyer and decides to join them

The Setup (NC-17)
Sequel to Dirty Girl. Sawyer helps Kate get what she wants: Jack

The Sound of Goodbye (NC-17)
The eve before the raft sails

Three Little Birds (NC-17)
Post "I Do" PWP

Turn My Way (Series: Rated PG - NC-17)
Sawyer can’t help being jealous of Jack and Kate
Part 1, 2, 3, 4

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An AU series created by foxxcub, where Jack and James knew each other in high school. Read the whole series at jackjames_verse. These are listed chronologically, because it is a series.

Reunion (NC-17)
Jack can't ignore his past with Sawyer forever

You're On (NC-17)
Jack, James and an empty locker room

Just Imagined (NC-17)
Jack's first night at James's house

Visiting Hours (PG-13)
James gets some bad news about Jack

More Than This (NC-17)
Jack wants more from James

You Said Something (NC-17)
James makes Jack jealous at a party

As If You Have a Choice (NC-17)
They've only got two more days

Non-canon JACK/JAMES
Overtime (R)
Jack and James are both alone on Christmas Eve.

This Time (NC-17)
Jack and James are on the same flight back from Australia

A few Jack/James request ficlets

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See also: Sawyer/Kate tags

According to Plan (PG-13)
Hurley has a scheme to get Sawyer and Kate back together (Post "Stranger in a Strange Land")

Creature Comfort (NC-17)
Missing scene from "Homecoming"

Dirty Girl (NC-17)
A voyeur gives Kate an idea

The Glass Wall (R)
Right now, for this moment, she’s his. (Post "I Do")

The Next Best Thing (R)
Kate gives Sawyer a haircut

Paris (PG)
Post "I Do" ficlet

Ritual (PG)
This scared her more than dying

White Wings (PG)
Kate dreams that they're free

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Ache (NC-17)
Shower fic (Jack/Kate. See also: Jack/Kate tags)

All the Right Reasons (PG-13)
At first, Jack can't help but resent Juliet. (Jack/Juliet)

Belle de Jour (R)
She needs to put herself completely at his mercy, because she knows he has none to give her. (Sayid/Juliet)

Black and White (NC-17)
A bondage session goes wrong (Jack/Sawyer/Sayid)

Blood (R)
Various implied pairings of Jack, Sawyer, Boone, and Sayid, post "Confidence Man"

Broken (Series: Rated PG - R)
Boone breaks his leg on the search for Charlie and Claire (Jack/Boone)

Champagne and Strawberries (NC-17) January '09
Sawyer, Shannon and Sayid celebrate the New Year (Sawyer/Shannon/Sayid)

Circumstance (R)
Even caged, she intimidates me. (Kate/Alex, femmeslash)

The Day The World Went Away (PG)
Everything disappears but Juliet. (Sawyer/Juliet)

Dirt (NC-17)
No one cares that you three are out here, day after day, getting high, getting away from it all. (Charlie/Shannon/Boone)

Every Bruise, Every Scar (R) February '09
Juliet was the last woman on earth he'd ever trust with his life. (Sawyer/Juliet, with other pairings)

It Was a Pleasure (NC-17)
Sawyer has something Boone wants (Sawyer/Boone)

Lean on Me (R) February '09
Kevin gets called to the scene of a bus accident. (Kevin/Juliet, past Kevin/Kate)

A Lonely Stretch of Beach (R)
Boone appears to Sawyer (Sawyer/Boone, slight Jack/Sawyer)

Maybe This Christmas (PG-13)
Boone and Charlie keep missing each other all year (AU set in 1981)

The Only Game in Town (R)
Shannon has a plan to get Sawyer's attention (Sawyer/Shannon)

Only You and I (R) January '09
He leads her on, although they have no idea where they're going. (Sawyer/Juliet)

Protection (PG)
Part 1: They have Kate in common (Jack/Kevin)

Scar Tissue (R)
Their scars from the island have long since healed. (Sawyer/Sayid)

Scheherazade (R)
Every night, she tells him a different story (Sayid/Juliet)

Show Me How to Live (R)
Sawyer comes to a distraught Shannon's rescue (Sawyer/Shannon)

Slippery Slope (R)
Sawyer picks up Shannon and doesn't bargain on Boone riding to her rescue (Slight Sawyer/Shannon, Sawyer/Boone)

Strategy (NC-17)
Sayid wanted to talk strategy and that was fine by him. Post "One of Us." (Sawyer/Sayid)

Super Sexed Studs in Heat! (NC-17)
Turned out the island made them into supermen in the sack. (Jack/Sawyer/Sayid/Desmond)

Superstitious (PG-13)
Sawyer is superstitious about cats. (Sawyer/Sayid)

Things You Call Fate (PG)
Jack's part of both stories, responsible for both outcomes. (Jack/Shannon, Jack/Sarah)

Too Little, Too Late (PG)
Funny how Jack never had time for her, not until she left him.

Warm Beer (NC-17)
Desmond suggests a trade for some of the Dharma beer (Sawyer/Desmond)

A Way to Kill Time (R)
Shannon picks up Jack in an airport bar. (Jack/Shannon)

We must have died alone, a long long time ago (R)
It's only been a few hours since the chopper left, but already it seems like they were never here. (Sawyer/Juliet)

World in My Eyes (NC-17)
Fucking Sawyer is not having him. (Sawyer/Sayid)

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Foxshy at the Four Seasons (NC-17)
Josh and Matt, pre Paley Festival. Shower, Ducati jacket porn. (Josh/Matt)

Open (NC-17)
Evie turns to Matt when she gets some bad news (Josh/Matt/Evie)

August 16 (PG)
Josh is late to the Season 2 DVD release party (Josh/Matt)

Advice (PG)
Josh and Matt meet and greet at a Golden Globes party (Josh/Matt, with guest stars)

Boys Will Be Boys (PG)
Fun in a hotel room with Josh, Daniel, Harold, & Ian (Non shippy)

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End of the Night(NC-17)
Angel and Sawyer cross paths in a bar. Inspired by Josh's brief role in the Angel pilot.
(LOST/ANGEL, Angel/Sawyer)

The Passenger
A vision brings Sam and Dean to Sawyer's door. Part 1 of an unfinished WIP (LOST/SUPERNATURAL)

Payback (PG)
An old friend from jail visits Sawyer in LA. (Jack/Sawyer) (LOST/OZ) Part 1 of an unfinished WIP

Persuading Jack (PG-13)
Maybe someone can persuade Jack to do the surgery on Ben? (LOST/GREY'S ANATOMY)

The Slow Drug (R)
Kate likes to be in control
(LOST/PRISON BREAK/SUPERNATURAL, Kate/Kevin, Kate/Jack, Kate/Dean, Kate/Lincoln)

This is the Last Time (PG-13)
Dr. Jack Shephard gives Lincoln Burrows his final exam. (LOST/PRISON BREAK - Jack/Lincoln)

Therapy (NC-17)
Sam and Boone meet in a grief counseling group (LOST/SUPERNATURAL)

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No Regrets (R)
Derek is not happy to see Mark at Seattle Grace (Mark/Derek)

Persuading Jack (PG-13)
Maybe someone can persuade Jack to do the surgery on Ben? (LOST/GREY'S ANATOMY)

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The Fire Now or the Fire Later (PG)
He was here to protect Sammy and for no other reason (Spec for S2 finale)

The Passenger
A vision brings Sam and Dean to Sawyer's door. Part 1 of ? (LOST/SUPERNATURAL)

The Slow Drug (R)
Kate likes to be in control
(LOST/PRISON BREAK/SUPERNATURAL): Kate/Kevin, Kate/Jack, Kate/Dean, Kate/Lincoln)

Stealing in Your Sleep (PG)
Bela drops in on the boys while they're asleep (Post "Dream a Little Dream of Me") Light Bela/Dean, Bela/Sam

Therapy (NC-17)
Sam and Boone meet in a grief counseling group (LOST/SUPERNATURAL, Sam/Boone)

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Two 24 Ficlets (R-ish)
(24/LOST: Jack Bauer/Jack Shephard, Jack Bauer/Sawyer)

24 drabble (PG)
(24: Jack Bauer)

Just Lines on Paper (PG)
Charlie always knew Tommy wouldn’t be around long.
(3:10 to YUMA FIC): Ben/Tommy, Ben/Charlie)

Reflection (PG)
He pauses, just for a moment, in the doorway of the bathroom.

In Alex We Trust (PG)
“Just hang on, kid,” Alex keeps shouting at Sean every time his eyes close. (Post "1.04" fic)
(DRIVE FIC: Alex, Sean, Corinna, Winston)

The Thrill of the Chase (R)
Roger Sterling has always loved a challenge.
(MAD MEN FIC: Roger/Don, Roger/Vicky)



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