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Count me in! :) I've only seen Hour 3 so far but I'm probably going to catch up with Hours 1 & 2 tonight. Nathan is all kinds of *rawr* when he's angry.

And hey look, it's X-Files' Invisigoth riding shotgun! And Kyle Singer from Day 3 of 24 as the military dude. Anyway, yes, me like. This could definitely lead to fic. And OMG, there are going to be a ton of Supernatural crossovers, aren't there?

I almost forgot: The song that accompanies the scene in my icon. Leave You Far Behind - Lunatic Calm. (Yes, it's from The Matrix.)

And because Lost won't stop eating at my brain...

I have a feeling that Juliet is going to end up betraying Ben, just because Jack is being such a sweet doofus and she can't possibly fuck him over when he's being that naive and trusting. Can she? Anyway, it still doesn't do much to redeem Jack, who will still officially be the Biggest Sap on TV. Right now, he's unfortunately reminding me of a certain classic-era TV character who used to say "Well, golllllly" all the time. Yeah, it's hard to be cool when you're that dumb. :-/ Unless he does have a plan but it can't be much of a plan it it just involves him, does it? So, yeah, I think we're just being sold Jack Shephard, Nicest, Most Naive Guy On the Face of the Planet, which is hardly commendable when you're surrounded by people who want to kill you at the very least.

And I had a thought (which I hope won't be true) that we might get a season cliffhanger with Kate finding out she's pregnant and thus doomed to die since she would have conceived on the island. Sadly, this has fostered a fic idea. Dammit, I can't write preg fic! (And weirdly, it would be revisiting an old idea I had -- why won't this idea leave me alone?) ETA: Wait, this wouldn't be possible in Lost's timeline, given that she and Sawyer only had sex ... what, a little over a week ago?

I'm pretty pessimistic about Lost right now. I do hope we don't get stuck with Juliet for another season. I kind of can't believe I've watched all season with her in it, or that I watched all (or nearly all) of S2 with Ana. :-/ And even if Juliet gets the boot, they'll be bringing in more new characters and it'll be the same song and dance all over again, won't it? *sighs*

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