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Favorite TV eps of favorite shows

copying foxxcub. Three favorite eps of my favorite shows:

Lost: Confidence Man; Exodus, Part 1; The Long Con

X-Files: Humbug, Beyond the Sea, Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose

Buffy: Becoming, Parts 1 & 2; Once More With Feeling, Surprise, Doppelgangland, I Only Have Eyes For You (I couldn't choose!)

Supernatural: Devil's Trap/In My Time of Dying, Dead Man's Blood, Faith, Croatoan

Bones: Aliens in the Spaceship, The Headless Witch in the Woods, The Man in the Fallout Shelter

24: Since ep titles are meaningless, I'm going with events: S3: Ryan Chapelle's death & the Chandler Plaza Hotel lockdown (6 am to 7 am); Season 4 finale with Jack Bauer walking off into the sunset; S4 with Tony and Jack teaming up again

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