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Lost: Greatest Hits

I spend the whole hour (well, 40 minutes) crying over Charlie's imminent demise (yes, if that makes me a sap, so be it!) and then it looks like Desmond's going to sacrifice himself instead. But no, Charlie IS a hero and he can't let him do that. And he's all set to die nobly after all and then ... CLIFFHANGER REPRIEVE.

You can't work an audience up like that and then leave them hanging. So ... he doesn't die? I am not really spoiled so I have no idea. If they shoot him now, that's hardly the noble, sacrificial sendoff, is it? Which must mean he's safe. I mean, to kill him now would be beyond cruel, right? Or, at least damned annoying!

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*hugs* to all the Charlie fans who are probably rather emo after this episode!

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And I'm glad Jack had a plan but it still doesn't explain why he didn't go flirt with strategize with Sayid right away!

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What was up with that long, anguished look between Jack and Sayid? Does that mean Jack doesn't want to be a leader? Are there things he wishes he could tell Sayid, if he could? Is he really Jack again? Or still?

I was dearly hoping that Juliet WAS evil because she's just kind of blandly annoying (and still as smug as ever) if she's not evil. Of course, she still can be evil, right? Maybe just the one calorie of evil.

Also, why were they WASTING their precious dynamite on a demonstration? Why not just say "Here, piles of dynamite, to be used judiciously on our enemy?" Seriously, what kind of secret battle plan involves only Danielle and Juliet? The "we need to stall as long as we possibly can and then for about two weeks more" plan by the writers, that's what.

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