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Matthew Fox in short student film

Yay! I finally set up my LJ to be able to post Youtube vids. *whew* I was actually looking for that Ocean's 11 trailer spoof where it's all Lost footage, but with Clooney's voice over Jack and Sawyer gets all of Brad's dialogue. Someone on my flist posted it recently and I can't find it! Link me?

ETA: Here's the Oceans 11 spoof! Enjoy!

Anyone ever seen this? It's Matthew Fox as a young guy who's all set to off himself (suicide note, gun!) when a phone call from his ex leads him to ... build a model plane! Which he chases all over New York! And which leads him to his new love (played by real life wife, Margherita.)

Check out the samurai hair! It's not just a Josh thing! :)
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