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OMG, if any of you missed the 400th episode of The Simpsons, you missed possibly the best episode. EVER. :) The first half hour was a whole 24 spoof, with a CTU-type operation to stop sabotage of the Springfield Elementary Bake Sale. There were split screens! The clock! A mole! And Jack Bauer!! mediocrechick, PLEASE tell me you are making icons from this episode!!

I caught up with Heroes thanks to the Sci-Fi marathon this weekend.

A few thoughts. Of course I recognized the sculpture in "Kirby Plaza" right away, LOL. It's downtown LA, very close to the library! :) So yeah, not New York at all, if that surprises anyone.

Isaac and Simone, I shan't miss you. D.L., not so much either. Jessica/Nikki has grown on me a bit, as has Candice. I cannot say the same about Sylar. I hope we get a different villain in S2.

Ando, no!! And alas, poor Ted. Why haven't we seen more Hannah? I've actually already forgotten what her power is!

I still can't get over what terrific casting with Nathan and his mother Angela. They really look so similar, especially around the eyes and jaw. Much more so than Nathan and Peter! It *is* a shame Claire is so young and Peter is her uncle because they would make a terrific couple. And no matter how manipulative his mother and Linderman are, I simply cannot believe that Nathan would allow a bomb to go off just to further his political career. But genius plot idea, since so many people believe that's exactly what happened with Bush and 9/11. (And no, I don't believe that myself. The man is dim and severely misguided but even I don't think he's *that* evil. And his stupefaction and paralysis on being told what had happened seemed genuine enough. If he knew about it, he'd be quicker to seize the day and capitalize on it, you know?)

What I like most about this show is how people keep teaming up and switching sides to do so, like Matt and HRG and Ted. It keeps things really fluid and interesting. And man, poor Matt not realizing he's there to take out Molly, the little girl he saved! I also really like how you feel that they have a plan in place here, like Micah being used to win the election for Nathan. It all clicks into place so well. It's nice to have confidence in a show's creators that they *do* know where they're going and not just pulling things out of their ass.

It's been painfully clear that Peter was going to get his nuclear power from Ted, so he should have realized that meeting him was the worst thing he could do but oh well. It's kind of Greek mythology, right, that what you do to prevent a terrible prophecy is the very thing that makes it happen.

And I liked the "Five Years Gone" ep. It's so handy having time travel built into your show's mythology because the possibilities for AU episodes are infinite. I still haven't read any Heroes fic and I don't think I will but I can imagine people really took that and ran with it. I won't be watching the finale live tonight since it's up against 24, but I'll try to catch it later this week.

Weddings, etc.

Good grief, this whole practice of not allowing weddings to actually happen is so irritating. At least they managed to marry off Susan and Mike and also Gabrielle and Victor on DH, but of course Gabrielle's is a fraud and I do think that Susan's might not end up being legal because she only had one witness. (Oh, and Edie? I highly doubt she's dead.)

And on Bones, you'd think that Angela would remember she was already married! And then they just ran away? That was ... odd. Although heh on walking down the aisle to "Gimme All Your Lovin'!"

And then on GA, of course Burke decides not to go through with it and then the failure of that wedding someone also means that Meredith and Derek are over? Just try to tell me that Cristina/Meredith is not the show's true OTP. I have to say I was on board with Meredith/Derek only when he was so madly in love with her and griefsticken during the whole drowning episode. And I liked them being happy together. But all this back and forth, while completely par for TV couples, is very annoying.

And I CANNOT believe that the truth about George and Izzie didn't come out. That felt like a real cheat there, to leave that all up in the air. Not that I want George and Callie to break up but it felt like they were leading up to a big confrontation/decision and then ... nothing. This whole finale was so odd. Odd running time too. I was sure I'd missed a big chunk. Anyway I guess I'll be checking out the GA spinoff for Kate Walsh & Tim Daly but I wasn't that fond of the visiting LA episode and its Ally McBeal-esque tone. And as someone on my flist pointed out, why on earth would one of the top neonatal surgeons in the country end up at a wellness center? Meh.
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