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24 Season Finale

So everyone gets a happy ending but Jack! Typical!

I don't know what to make of this whole season. It started off so well and then after about 6 eps or so, took a less than great turn. I always love watching Jack Bauer in action and when he cries, dammit, I cry, of course. I have to give the show credit for taking time to try to give us some emotional closure but this felt a little too ... neat this season? There really isn't any groundwork laid for next season. But then again, last year was the first year they really did a "cliffhanger."

I knew he couldn't end up with Audrey so that felt right, even if the whole showdown with Heller seemed like it came out of nowhere. And the pre-arranged agreement with Bill to just let Kiefer walk off into the sunrise, again?

Chloe being pregnant was painfully self-evident, although I did consider the possibility that Impossibly!Hot!MiloBrother slipped her some kind of drug when he hugged her. Heh. And where *did* that boy disappear to? That whole bit was very odd. And served no purpose, really, since we all pretty much knew that, yes, Milo loved Nadia.

So we have Bill & Karen happily retiring, Chloe and Morris happily reuniting, Jack nobly walking away from Audrey and possibly Nadia nursing Doyle back to health? Perhaps Audrey and Doyle can convalesce together?

Anyway, not the best season although S4 with "Marwan's escaped the perimeter -- again!" is probably going to remain my least favorite. But then again, it did have Tony and Michelle still.

Hmm. I'm tired. I honestly don't know where they can go with the show after this. Maybe it should have ended with S4, except that I really did enjoy S5.

ETA: Here's the link to watch online if anyone missed it: http://www.myspace.com/24
But honestly, I don't know if it's worth watching. Maybe a recap will cover it. :-/
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