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Heroes, Bachelor finales

Aww, Nathan! :-(

If only Peter could have absorbed your power, then he could have saved himself and the city and you wouldn't have had to sacrifice yourself! But of course I knew Nathan couldn't let the bomb go off. And the show couldn't let it happen.

And Ando lives! And D.L.? And Matt?

And, of course there's something worse than Sylar out there, some sort of Voldemort-type bad guy. (And sayonara, Sylar. I'm so glad Hiro was finally able to kill you! Took him long enough! Except he totally should have cut his head off when he had the chance!)

A few random thoughts: "Kirby Plaza" is going to be a huge tourist stop now. And if my father were dying and someone gave me a speech about how it could be beautiful and how death is the only thing we all have in common, I'd break down crying on the spot. Maybe "life lessons" aren't what you want from a young male nurse you've just met, you know? Even one as hot as Peter.

All in all, a satisfying episode. But I imagine the fandom is reeling from the loss of Nathan. Peter will be fine, I hope. I was expecting that to be him, landing in the field at the end. Maybe he will emerge, Jack Bauer-like, from the ocean, reborn, in a sense.

ETA: Well, shoot. Everyone is telling me I misinterpreted the finale and I am a whole lot less happy to hear that. :-/

Yes! Tessa! :) They definitely tried to ratchet up the suspense and for a while there it looked like Andy would go for Bevin since half his family was all "she's obviously crazy about you, pick her!" But it was also just as obvious how crazy he was about Tessa and had been since the helicopter ride, I think. You just couldn't mistake his body language around Tessa and how he always said, "Tessa, will you PLEASE accept this rose," but just said, "Will you accept this rose?" to the other women. He was just waiting for her to declare her love for him, and once she did, it was all over. I admit I got choked up when she finally admitted she loved him and of course her collage spoke volumes. I did feel sorry for Bevin but despite their connection and attraction, I think that they were not well suited at all! If she could see how he was with Tessa, instead of with her, she would have spotted the difference too. It was very tacky of him to say he loved her (I guess in past seasons, the Bachelor/Bachelorette usually refuses to say things like "I love you," even if they are said *to* them because they have to keep everyone guessing. By telling Bevin he loved her, Andy really did mislead her. I think he did love her, just not as much as Tessa.)

Anyway, a very happy ending and if he hadn't picked Tessa, I think he would have always regretted it. It seemed pretty obvious to everyone watching which one he preferred and no amount of creative editing would have changed that. It's a shame that Bevin's having been married before was such a big issue because honestly, that's not that rare! And of course trust reality TV to turn that into a "shocking secret." I don't think she was a "whore," as she was called on the TWOP boards, but she was definitely aggressive. I didn't like her much myself, because she seemed a lot more calculating and a lot more superficial than Tessa. Tessa seemed genuinely moved by the Pearl Harbor Memorial and I think Bevin was more "Hey, Andy! Great to see you again." So it does pain me somewhat to have backed the more conservative girl but I just liked her more. As did Andy! Bevin reminded me of Edie Britt, actually!
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