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Lost: Finale


That was ... genius. Future fic! Brought to life! Messed-up, suicidal Jack? YES. That is what we didn't get in that lame Thailand flashback (can we all continue to pretend that never happened.) So Kate is still with Sawyer? WHOSE FUNERAL WAS THAT, THEN? And Jack loves Kate unrequitedly now and forever...?

Wow. Of course now I want to see what happened to make Jack so bitter and fucked-up. KUDOS D&C. Honestly, that was just what I needed.

And Sayid didn't die! zelda_zee I felt your excruciating pain for those 20 minutes! But of course Jack was honoring Sayid's wishes.

And Hurley saved the day! And Charlie saved the day! (Did he really have to seal himself in? ;__; *sobs for real this time*)

*whew* Blows out breath.

Unfortunately, Juliet still draws breath ... if they shove Sawyer/Juliet at us next year ... (and wow, it literally will be next year.) But the "Are you fucking Jack already?" "No, are you?" Priceless! Why do the butch chicks always suspect Sawyer is gay? LOL. OF COURSE HE IS.

I need many, many fucked-up, drunken, bearded Jack icons.

I'm a little stunned. This was a very decent new development (although more new characters.) And OMG, I didn't hate Sarah as much in this as I expected to once I saw her name in the credits.

And wow, actual continuity with Sawyer being messed-up after killing Cooper. And now a stone cold killing machine? And Sayid can kill with his feet! *iz impressed* The Jack/Sayid and Sawyer/Sayid (and even Jack/Sawyer) was nice.

*off to decompress and read the flist*
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