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Lost: Finale


That was ... genius. Future fic! Brought to life! Messed-up, suicidal Jack? YES. That is what we didn't get in that lame Thailand flashback (can we all continue to pretend that never happened.) So Kate is still with Sawyer? WHOSE FUNERAL WAS THAT, THEN? And Jack loves Kate unrequitedly now and forever...?

Wow. Of course now I want to see what happened to make Jack so bitter and fucked-up. KUDOS D&C. Honestly, that was just what I needed.

And Sayid didn't die! zelda_zee I felt your excruciating pain for those 20 minutes! But of course Jack was honoring Sayid's wishes.

And Hurley saved the day! And Charlie saved the day! (Did he really have to seal himself in? ;__; *sobs for real this time*)

*whew* Blows out breath.

Unfortunately, Juliet still draws breath ... if they shove Sawyer/Juliet at us next year ... (and wow, it literally will be next year.) But the "Are you fucking Jack already?" "No, are you?" Priceless! Why do the butch chicks always suspect Sawyer is gay? LOL. OF COURSE HE IS.

I need many, many fucked-up, drunken, bearded Jack icons.

I'm a little stunned. This was a very decent new development (although more new characters.) And OMG, I didn't hate Sarah as much in this as I expected to once I saw her name in the credits.

And wow, actual continuity with Sawyer being messed-up after killing Cooper. And now a stone cold killing machine? And Sayid can kill with his feet! *iz impressed* The Jack/Sayid and Sawyer/Sayid (and even Jack/Sawyer) was nice.

*off to decompress and read the flist*



May. 24th, 2007 07:01 am (UTC)
I was spoiled for the flash forward. But I was shocked as hell when I read the spoiler. It has a lot of possibilities, and while I'm not sure what to make of what they've done with them (I need a few more days, I still feel a little too close to really know) I think it was an interesting way to go.

My favorite parts of the episode, though, were the Jack/Sawyer elements and the Sun parts. Big surprise.

I just love the growth in Jack and Sawyer that was displayed in the scene where he says he's going back. Jack tried to protect him and told him it was too dangerous, and Sawyer just said, "I wasn't asking permission." They didn't have a pissing match, and yell at each other like they would have done way back when. There was a level of respect there, on both ends, because Jack realized that Sawyer had to do what he had to do and Sawyer didn't get belligerent about it just because it was Jack.

And Sun, well, you know I love everything she does, but I really felt for her when she and Jin said goodbye and when she spent the whole hike worried for him and rejoiced when Hurley said he was okay. But, that's just fangirl me. :)

All and all, I did like the episode. I cried for Charlie, I squeed when Hurley got to be the hero, and when Sayid snapped that guy's neck with his ankles. I think it was good, but I need a little more time to think about what it means in the grand scheme of things, you know? And I have serious trepidations about what happened to get Jack to this place. Is it possible that Ben was right? I'll be mulling that over for the next eight months.
May. 24th, 2007 03:46 pm (UTC)
Ahhh, I'm very glad I wasn't spoiled about that! It was such a wonderful reveal and, I think, very clever.

And man, I was sure Jin was doomed there, with his farewell speech to Sun and his speaking English and all! I was sure Sayid would be okay for a number of reasons and as I was saying to zelda_zee, off-screen deaths never count on Lost because even the onscreen one so rarely do!

And yes, I am very happy that Jack and Sawyer have this mutual respect going on -- it's only taken an entire two seasons to get back there! It was no "Exodus, Part One," but it did really show how far they've come.

I do think that Ben was right about this being a bad thing to signal Naomi's ship but Jack couldn't possibly know that and he had *no* reason to trust Ben. No one does, really, even his own daughter! If Jack had let himself be talked out of it, then I think that would have been bad but this does set up a whole new chain of events. I wonder if we're going to see some time manipulation here, with Jack coming back to this moment to make the opposite decision. Or, at least, wishing he had. Man, I loved future broken!Jack so much, even if it hurts to think how he ended up that way. (And please tell me it's not just because Kate chose Sawyer over him!)


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