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Prophetic Jack Fic Recs

Hey, we all talked about how this episode was like so many of our favorite Broken!Jack future fics, so here's a few off the top of my head. (And given my reading preferences, these are all Jack/Sawyer.)

zelda_zee's Aurora Borealis series, for one, with the premise that Jack took the deal Ben offered him and got off the island.
eponine119's Test Drive, with a suicidal Jack.

And was it uberaeryn or eponine119 who wrote a fic where Jack insists on going back to the island?
ETA: It was Perchance to Dream by eponine119. Go read now, but bring tissues!

LINK ME. I'm sure there are many others I can't think of right now! I

Oh, and because this one is so wonderful Future Broken!Sawyer. Writing Truth by eponine119

And FWIW, some comment pron I wrote with Jack stealing medical supplies ... and giving them to Dean Winchester in exchange for blowjobs! LOL.
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