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Lost newsletter issue

Hi guys,

I've been trying to set some policies over at lost_newsletter and I decided that, going forward, I would only list fics that are already cross-posted to fic comms. Why? Well, that way I'm sure that the author is actually looking for a broader readership beyond their own flist. And I won't be playing favorites by listing fics that happen to be by authors on my flist.

BUT ... that means that some great fics aren't getting promoted. And I'd always love to have more fics to list. So, I'm encouraging you folks who don't usually cross-post (you know who you are!) to cross-post to at least one Lost fic comm. Or drop me a comment here or at the newsletter if you want a particular fic listed. Because I'd love to share the fic love as widely as I can. MERCI.

Does anyone who's not currently cross-posting want to be listed? Yay or Nay? I certainly don't want to ignore anyone who wants to be included!

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