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Nick Cave & Iggy Pop

Oh, the things one finds when trollling the internets.

Nick Cave Meets Iggy Pop, 1993

Ooh, I'd love to hear some of these Stooges covers by Nick!

And love this Iggy quote: In an interview, Iggy was asked what three fellow musicians he would choose to have around if he got into a scrap. His first choice was Keith Richards just cause he is so cool, second Nick Cave, cause he looks like he could hold his own and third, Henry Rollins just so he could see Henry put all those muscles to work. LOLZ

Pics of Iggy yesterday at the Glastonbury film fest. Don't forget he used to look like this:

And proof that the lads loved Iggy too:

And if Nick Cave was ever considered hot, I don't think he's hot anymore. Receding hairlines and fu manchu mustaches, not a good combo!

Also, three guesses who THIS is.

I did a total double take when I saw who it was. (Although I suppose it's fairly obvious.)
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