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"Wish" drabble

Title: Never
Summary: Sayid makes a wish for Shannon
Notes: Not a true drabble (157 words) but written for the lostsquee drabble prompt "Wish," and also for the lostfichallenge prompt, "In Loving Memory."

Here, at her grave, wishes are useless.

He could wish the bullet had missed her, wish that a ghost hadn’t sent her running through the jungle to her death.

The wind starts her necklace swaying against the makeshift cross. The sound is unnervingly like a hand tapping at the wood.

He shifts in the dirt, dismisses the idea. No, it is much more like a clock, rhythmic, relentless.

There is one pivotal moment where this could have all been prevented. If the plane had never crashed ... if she’d never been on it.

Yes. She never gets on the plane. He never meets her. She and Boone are sitting somewhere safe, watching the news of the terrible plane crash, thanking their lucky stars.

The wind dies. The necklace falls still, as if spent.

He lets himself think, just for a moment, that his wish has been granted. She is not here, in this grave. She was never here.
Tags: lost_drabble, lost_fic

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