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The Only Game in Town: Shannon/Sawyer fic

Note: I've been writing a lot of "softer side of Sawyer" stuff lately and missed the good ol' bad boy. And Shannon -- well, Shannon gives all of us girls a bad name. In the real world, we all know no means no, but in ficland, hope no one is offended by Shannon saying one thing and meaning another.

Rating: R (Sexuality and language)

Shannon had never had so much trouble getting a guy to notice her before. Back home, she’d had to fight them off. She’d been able to pick and choose, or ignore them all, if that’s what she preferred, and she often did.

Here on the island, she was bored and could use a little diversion. But she was going to have to manufacture one. Shannon hated to work for anything, especially attention, but she hated being bored more.

She’d noticed Sawyer right away. He radiated trouble, even before he’d picked that fight with Sayid, before he’d started giving everyone stupid nicknames, even before he’d beaten up Boone. Every day, he seemed to get inexplicably hotter. Maybe it was his hair getting longer or his beard that made him look even more uncivilized and devilish. Or maybe those telltale bruises on his face that made her want to kiss them away.

From day one, Sawyer had wanted Kate, and he didn’t care who knew it, ever since that stupid hike. He’d pulled Kate toward him and given her that sinister sexy smile, sweet talking her and insulting her at the same time, right in front of everyone. Shannon had never felt so ignored.

She was slightly reassured to know that Sawyer hadn’t done much about his little crush. It there was one thing Shannon was good at it, it was getting people to tell her the dirt without seeming at all interested. She should have worked for the police or the FBI or something, but Catholic school had put her off uniforms for life.

So even if Sawyer was biding his time about Kate, Shannon had seen the way he looked at her and for the first time in her life, Shannon was jealous. What did Kate have that she didn’t? Sure, she was pretty, and had slightly bigger boobs, but so what? Maybe it was the dark, curly hair, always framing her face just so. Like Kate didn’t work at that, Shannon sneered. But she admitted to herself that Kate didn’t seem to be trying at all, and that’s what killed Shannon. She just looked sad all the time and all the guys would flock to her.

Shannon could pretend, but she just wasn’t nursing a secret sorrow. Other than the sorrow over not having gotten laid in weeks, but she was pretty sure everyone was in the same boat on that one. Even the Korean couple, who were probably husband and wife, didn’t seem to ever be sneaking off to be alone. They would certainly be a lot happier if they did.

Kate also mooned over Jack quite a lot. Shannon could try that, but Jack just wasn’t her type. He seemed like he’d always be thinking about something else, even during sex. And good guys usually meant boring sex, Shannon had discovered. No thanks.

But she had a plan. She’d been formulating it ever since trying to get the bug repellent from Sawyer. He said he’d wanted money, but of course that was a joke. At the time, she’d been afraid -- she, Shannon, afraid! -- to ask him if he’d really wanted something else. She’d just assumed he was going to say something disgusting, and she was thrown off balance when he hadn’t. She wasn’t sure he wasn’t thinking something very dirty, though, but you never knew with Sawyer.

He was clearly an expert at mind games, better even than her. She’d never met anyone who intimidated and intrigued her so. But now she had a plan and she smiled, eager to put it into action. Even if it didn’t work, at the very least she might make him jealous.

She dressed carefully, putting on her blue dress. She didn’t want to look like she was trying too hard, though. She brushed her hair and put on lipstick, but then took it off. Too obvious. She opted for more subtle, lightly tinted lip gloss. She always wore it anyway, because she hated having dry lips, so it wasn’t just for his benefit. She thought about perfume and finally misted some on very lightly. She certainly didn’t want to smell bad. She wanted to tantalize him, make him want her almost subliminally.

Finally, she was ready. She strolled over to his tent, glad to see no one else was around. He was there, all right, laying back, sunning himself. He had on his battered jeans and a pair of sunglasses, and that was it. He had gotten thinner, she could see, giving his chest and stomach muscles more definition. He still had a bandage on his right arm, and his fingertips were also bandaged, continued painful reminders of the whole inhaler incident.

He might have been asleep, but before she could say anything, he spoke.

“Well, don’t you smell nice?” he drawled without moving a muscle.

Damn it. Too much perfume! Well, she was here now, might as well get it over with. “Yeah, thanks,” she said as sarcastically as she could manage. “Listen, I came to ask you for something.”

“Oh yeah?” he asked, sitting up and pushing the sunglasses down to get a good look at her. He smiled that crocodile smile and she felt a flutter in her stomach.

“Keep it together,” she told herself sternly. “Yeah, it’s, well, it’s a little embarrassing,” she said out loud.

“Well that narrows the field somewhat,” Sawyer said, leaning forward, the sparkle in his eyes making her knees week. “What is it, Blondie?”

“Just spit it out,” she said to herself. “I need a condom,” she said finally, meeting his gaze coldly and haughtily.

His grin grew even broader. “You don’t say.” He mulled over her request. “What makes you think I have one?”

“Come on, Sawyer, everyone knows you took all the, uh, luxury items,” she said, pretending to be disgusted by him. She wrinkled her nose to add to the effect.

“OK, let’s say I do. What makes you think I’ll give it to you?”

“Because there’s no point in hoarding things if no one ever asks you for them,” she said impatiently. “Is there?”

“No, I guess not,” he said, a wicked light playing around his eyes. “So, then, who’s the lucky guy?”

“None of your business!” she snapped. “Are you going to give it to me or not?”

“That depends,” he drawled slowly, seeming to be deep in thought. “What are you willing to offer for it?”

“Here it comes,” she thought, her heart beginning to beat faster. “I guess you want money,” she said, putting her hand on her hip and thrusting her chin up in a studied pose of haughty indifference.

“Money’s no good here, darlin’,” he said, standing up and walking over to her. He stood opposite her, towering over her, making her just the slightest bit dizzy.

“So... what do you want?” she whispered, not daring to look up at him. Was he taking the bait? This was too easy.

“Hmmm, what do I want?” he said, his voice low and growly. It rumbled in his throat, and she felt herself getting uncomfortably warm. He took her head in his hand and lifted it up so that she was looking him in the eye. His expression was surprisingly serious and devoid of any kind of smirk she was expecting to see there.

She swallowed hard and then closed her eyes as he lowered his lips to hers. She pulled away, feigning resistance, but allowed herself to melt convincingly after a few seconds.

His mouth was warm and soft on hers and when he slipped his tongue in her mouth, she couldn’t help moaning a little. He was an even better kisser than she’d hoped, firm, insistent, yet playful, and it set off an avalanche of dirty thoughts in her mind. She imagined him kissing her neck, her shoulder, her breasts, while his hands would ...

He pulled back, abruptly ending the kiss. She put her hand up to her mouth, trying to read his expression. Had she done something wrong? His face was guarded. He might even be angry.

“So, where is it?” she asked, trying to sound businesslike, but still reeling from that kiss.

He turned away and walked back over to his chair. “Changed my mind,” he said, putting his sunglasses back in place and lying back down.

“What?!” She didn’t have to pretend to be angry. “Listen, I thought we had a deal!”

“No deal,” he drawled. “I don’t recall making any kind of a deal. And you didn’t really want it anyway, did you?”

“What?” she spluttered again, quaking with rage. “You conceited, arrogant, prick! If you think ...”

“Yeah, I guess I do think. That’s my problem, sweetcheeks,” he continued, still not looking at her. “See, if you had a fella, I think he’d come over here and ask me himself, rather than put you in such a delicate spot. He’d have to be a real bastard. If he really existed, that is.”

She stalked over to his chair and slapped his face as hard as she could, pleased when his sunglasses went flying. “You ignorant motherfucker!” She jumped on him and started clawing at his face.

He held her off easily, and even more infuriatingly, had started laughing. “Whoa there, tiger,” he said, flashing her his teeth and those beautiful dimples. “Just tell me who it is,” he said, holding her firmly in place on his lap, despite her struggles. “If you can.”

“I won’t,” she said, her eyes blazing. “Because I’m a lady.”

“No, you’re not,” he said emphatically, digging his fingers into her wrists and laughing in her face. “Why don’t you just tell me what you really want?” She looked at his bandaged fingertips. That had to hurt, she thought.

In answer, she eased out of her kneeling position and straddled him expertly. She leaned into his face. Two could play this game. “No,” she said, looking him hard in the eye. “I don’t want a goddamn thing from you.” She shifted her hips, grinding into him for emphasis.

She had the pleasure of seeing his eyes go wide at that. Then they narrowed again. “You’re a liar,” he whispered, pulling her closer to him. “You’re just a girl with an itch. A nasty little itch you want me to scratch.”

“What if I was?” she whispered back, continuing to sway seductively on top of him. “What would you do about it?”

“I think we might have a deal after all,” Sawyer said, biting her ear. He pulled her to him fiercely, crushing her lips with a bruising kiss. Still keeping a firm grip on her wrists, he stood up with her clinging to him with her legs. He laid her down on his chair, and sprawled on top of her. “That’s better,” he said softly, as his fingers edged their way under her dress.

“Asshole,” she whispered back to him.

“Slut,” he said, smiling wickedly.

“Prick,” she sighed, breathy with anticipation.

He fumbled in an ice chest near the chair and then produced an individually wrapped condom. He held it up. “This what you came for?” he asked, nuzzling her neck.

“What do you think?” she moaned, grabbing him by the crotch.
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