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HP meme

I am bored, so I meme:

Your House? Gryffindor

Favourite book? Prisoner of Azkaban.

Favourite teacher? Professor Lupin, hands down.

Favourite class? Defense Against the Dark Arts (Potions sounds ljust like Chemistry, which I hated!)

Favourite spell? Obliviate. Wouldn’t that be handy?

Favourite ship? I guess Remus/Sirius, although I don’t really read it

Favourite Character? Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Teddy Lupin

Character you think is the best written? Well, Sirius is the most intriguing.

Character you never expected to like in the end? Kreacher and Dobby. I really hated the house elves before the final book. Well, I can't recall what I thought of Dobby in the books anymore but I hated him in the films.

Character you’re most like? Gah, Hermione, I guess. I always loved school.

Character you want to be like? I think Neville, an ordinary fellow who rises to the occasion but doesn’t have to save the day, every day.

Character you’d most want to spend a day with? Remus Lupin

Character you’d shag in a heartbeat? Sirius Black

Top five favourite scenes in the entire series?
Harry conjuring his first patronus and thinking he’s seeing his father; Hagrid first appearing and telling Harry he’s a wizard; Anything involving Harry getting glimpses of his parents in the Mirror of Erised or old photos; Sirius reveals he is good and asks Harry to come to live with him. (I am STILL so bitter that that never happened!); Lily, James, Sirius and Remus accompanying Harry to the showdown with Voldemort

First generation (MWPP) or second (trio)? Marauders.

Death Eaters, the Order, or Dumbledore’s Army? Oh, Dumbledore’s Army, I guess.

What would your Patronus be? I’d want it to be a leopard or lion

What would your Animagus form be? Definitely a cat. A biggish one would be nice!

If you could live anywhere in the WW, where would it be? I really can’t say. Somewhere in a city, probably. I’d enjoy visiting the muggles and then sneaking around the corner into the magical realm only I could see, like 12 Grimmauld Place.

If you could have any career in the WW, what would it be? I’d work for the newspaper or write a good biography of Dumbledore.

And ultimately…were you happy with Deathly Hallows? Yes, I was. I think she wrapped it up very well, apart from the epilogue.

Also, I keep seeing ads for that movie "Stardust." A flyer for it was even in my HP box from Amazon! It looks like complete caca, yes? I can't believe what big names agreed to be in it!
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