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TV Character meme

Everyone else is doing it. Guess who my favorite characters are from each show. Some of these will be *no contest.* ;-)

1. Lost - Sawyer! Guessed by eponine119 Where to begin? Just so damn hot, and *tortured*, sigh. The snark and that to-die-for accent make him my favorite TV character of all time. (Sorry, Jim West! ;->)
2. Angel - Lindsey, as guessed by ficangel. Another honey-voiced Southern bad boy, only this one had an evil hand! Bwa ha ha. And could wield a mean shovel. R.I.P, Lindsey!</i>
3. Buffy - Spike (guessed by foxxcub) shares the throne with one other, so I'm still taking guesses. In the meantime, what's not to love about lovesick punk and bloody awful poet Spike? And he can *sing.* ;-)
4. The Powerpuff Girls - Professor Utonium. Guessed by ada_farrow. I'm always a sucker for a man of science puffing on a pipe, whether it's the Professor from Gilligan's Island, Giles from Buffy (my #3 other fave character, BTW), or ... um, Johnny Quest's dad? (Tries to remember if he was a professor or not.) Anyway, the Prof cracks me up with his '50s-style fathering and just the way he says, "Now, Bubbles." Him and the narrator. Love them!

5. 24 - Tony. Guessed by ficangel Although I love me some Jack, Tony's just easier on the eyes and sports an equally appealing brand of scruffy angst. When they team up, I'm a very happy fangirl! And I love the Tony-Michelle storylines of the past two seasons.
6. Desperate Housewives - Susan. Guessed by foxxcub. She's definitely the most relatable, to me. I HATE Lynette. Gabrielle I don't understand and Bree is fab but man, I have nothing in common with her! So it's adorably klutzy, looking for love Susan.
7. Sex and the City - Miranda - guessed by foxxcub. So snarky! And not as man-hungry as the others. That counts for something!
8. ER - Doug Ross - as guessed by sparky77. So I'm shallow! It's CLOONEY! And he was all angsty and troubled. And heroic. And smart-mouthed. And flirty. Of course his hair is better since he left the show!
9. Star Trek (original series)
10. X-Files - Mulder. Guessed by eponine119. The sly humor is what endeared me to him. When he left the show, it was over for me.

Bonus Movie Questions
A. X-Men - Wolverine ada_farrow and missdarksoul tied in guessing. Can you see a pattern here - big hunky man, smart mouth, troubled past! ;-)
B. Lord of the Rings - Boromir! Guessed by foxxcub. I loved him in the books, I loved him even more in the film. My poor, doomed Boromir! Sigh.
C. Ocean's 12 - Isabel ada_farrow. Mmmm, big girl crush! She looks so fantastic in this movie, I defy anyone - man or woman - to see it and not fall in love with Catherine Zeta-Jones. It's the clothes - each outfit more amazing and sexy than the last. And she's smart. And always outwitting our boys. Well, nearly always.
D. Sin City - Gail. Guessed by foxxcub. Such a girl crush have I! So damn sexy, whether kissing Dwight or firing a gun like a mad woman. Hot!

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