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Saw The Simpsons movie today. FUN! I laughed so hard!

I think I laughed hardest over Martin embracing his inner bully. BWAH! And of course, Bart's doodle! Ahhh, hilarity! No, wait, the funniest part had to be the two gay cops! I DIED of laughter!

I thought we'd see more of the minor characters, but most of them just had cameos. Hey, were Patty and Selma even IN this? They were credited at the end but I don't recall seeing them at all.

But hey, y'know, Albert Brooks? Not that funny. Kinda not funny at all. I HATE the "voices" he does for The Simpsons because it's always exactly the same voice and they're never funny, like that Bond-esque villain and that juvie boot camp guy. Times like this, I really miss Phil Hartman *wipes tear*

The Homer & Marge get undressed by animals thing -- eh, also not too funny. But mostly, I was laughing. A LOT. Ask deej240z, who drove all the way to my neck of the woods to see it with me!

Anyway, I highly recommend to all Simpsons fans! And OMG, I almost wet myself over that Bourne trailer. WANT. NOW.

And answers are up at my music meme, complete with era-appropriate vids! :) Can you believe more people i.d.'d a '90s Irish band with basically one hit over one of the great rock bands of all time? There just aren't that many bands led by red-haired chicks, are there?


Jul. 30th, 2007 06:09 am (UTC)
Awww, I saw it in a great, liberal-minded theater, I guess, because that scene got "woo-hooed" along with everything else. Or maybe that was just me, drowning everyone else out, LOL! But c'mon, The Simpsons is SO gay! Smithers! Lenny & Carl! Homer always cross-dressing! ;) Anyway, yes very funny!

And BOURNE!! I cannot wait. That and the SImpsons movie are really the only 2 movies I care about this summer. (And then 3:10 to Yuma after that! ;D)
Jul. 30th, 2007 03:04 pm (UTC)
I can't wait for 3:10 to Yuma. There's a point in the trailer where Russell Crowe gives Christian Bale this look and I thought, OMG they're doing it! I had my slash-goggles on! I bet there's going to be some fic coming from that movie.


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