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Finally saw THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM. Well worth your $11 (or whatever your premium movie ticket price is!) The whole thing was so tense and intense. I'm a little sorry the series is over!

Bourne IS Wolverine! D'oh! Why didn't I see it before? From the amnesia to the experimental treatments to the dog tags! Although Jason chose this path, but I still think he had no idea what he was getting into. Wow.

And Albert Finney is a dead ringer for Brian Cox (Wolverine's nemesis) these days, so much so that I got a little confused since it's well established that in this universe, their Brian Cox character is dead! I also got kind of confused between Landy's #2 guy and David Strathairn's #2 guy since they looked really similar so that I thought it was one guy pulling double duty for a bit there.

But none of that matters! Bourne! Remembering all! Bourne and Nicky! Yes, I must go back and rewatch the earlier films right away because I did feel they had laid the groundwork for that. The scene where she dyes and chops off her hair and obviously reminds him of Marie ... and yet he does nothing... [insert fanfic here.] Also, any future fic where Jason finally sees Pamela after she's gotten some rest? ;)

The amount of hand-to-hand combat was insane! It does get to be somewhat unbelievable that all those car crashes and he's still up and moving but hey, it's Bourne!

Also, doomed reporter: Always do what Jason Bourne says! He's just like Jack Bauer. He's always right!

I'm still processing. I can't say if it's my favorite because I'm really fond of all of them but I think it bears repeat viewings and it made me want to go back and watch the other two again, so yes, a very fitting end to a fantastic series.
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