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Drabble for cmonkatiekatie

Title: Lonely Tonight
Summary: Kate doesn't like to stay the night with Sawyer
Note: A drabble (yes, exactly 100 words!) for the delectable cmonkatiekatie. :)

Waking up entwined in someone’s arms gave her the same trapped sensation as being handcuffed. She knew Sawyer would understand. She was surprised that he’d turned out to be such a romantic, that he wanted to fall asleep wrapped around her.

So she stayed away, night after night.

When she came back, she smiled to see him curled up around the dog. She lowered the flap to his tent and let him be.

The next time wasn’t so funny when it was Jack nestled tight against him, contented smiles on both their faces.
Tags: lost_drabble, lost_fic

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