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Lost ...

Wow. As foxxcub said, "Our fandom has changed."

I didn't expect to cry over Boone! But Matthew Fox just ... pardon me while I go all speechless about his acting in this episode. I don't really have any words. I love Jack in savior mode. This was a totally edge-of-seat episode for me. Much crying.

And my brief Sawyer note: Loved him beaming at the baby, helping Kate without asking why, and of course, calling Claire "Mamacita."

But really, it was all about Jack. Foxy deserves an Emmy.

And Ian ... man, what a way to go out. These last two eps really made me like Boone more than ever. Of course, that means they had to kill him off. The promos were right - but even as I was watching, I kept thinking, "No, it can't be ..." But it was. I knew for sure when Jack was going to amputate his leg. And I totally lost it. God, that was rough. Actually, I knew when he started talking cryptically about the hatch. No way he could live after that.

I love Jack for trying so hard, even when it was totally pointless. Others have said it better than me. Sniff. The more I think about it, the sadder it gets.

ETA: You notice in the flashbacks how his bride-to-be never actually said she loved him? Was she just grateful to the doctor who "fixed" her?

2nd ETA: Crap. I just watched the end again. I only wanted to see the promo for the next ep again but I got sucked in. And now my eyes are really puffy.

OT: I wrote a J/S smut fic yesterday for the JKS ficathon but I don't know when it will seem appropriate to post. Can't imagine anyone's in the mood to read it now.


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