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It's junktastic!

Why I love Defamer's commenters almost more than their stories:

Links to outrageous articles like VIGGO HAS NO GENITALIA. Ha! Good to see he and David Cronenberg have a sense of humor. Also, this movie, Eastern Promises, worth seeing? y/n?

Response to stories like this one about Kiefer Sutherland's onset declarations: He announced to the crew, "If anyone gets in my way on my way to set I will bodycheck them. This is my church, this is my fucking church." Sample comment: "My new denomination? Kieferterian."

And an impassioned plea to Aaron Eckhart and Gerard Butler to adopt the pants-free lifestyle of Britney Spears. ;) Free the junk!

And speaking of junk ... did everyone read zelda_zee's fantastic Josh/Foxy RPS, The Picture, based on the recently unearthed underwear modeling photo? GO! *shoves* And since the book was published in Berlin in 1992 (just the time he was modeling around Europe), I am convinced it IS Josh. Unless he has a German doppelganger running around somewhere!

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