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New Header!

GUH! Thanks to zelda_zee for alerting me to the existence of these droolworthy new Josh pics! (New icon by deej240z.) It's a good week to be a Josh fangirl!

What else? Saw the premiere of Heroes. Kensei is my fave new character. Not missing Nikki at all. Mohinder, you're pretty but so, so boring! And Peter? Yowza! :) Bones was good. Not liking T.J.'s new hair though!

Torchwood continues to keep my interest. One just aired was "Ghost Machine." I await the all-important 4th ep that is supposed to make me fall for Ianto.

And hey, holycitygirl -- just saw a trailer for the new Josh Hartnett flick "30 Days of Night." Vampires? I'm there! :)

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