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New Header!

GUH! Thanks to zelda_zee for alerting me to the existence of these droolworthy new Josh pics! (New icon by deej240z.) It's a good week to be a Josh fangirl!

What else? Saw the premiere of Heroes. Kensei is my fave new character. Not missing Nikki at all. Mohinder, you're pretty but so, so boring! And Peter? Yowza! :) Bones was good. Not liking T.J.'s new hair though!

Torchwood continues to keep my interest. One just aired was "Ghost Machine." I await the all-important 4th ep that is supposed to make me fall for Ianto.

And hey, holycitygirl -- just saw a trailer for the new Josh Hartnett flick "30 Days of Night." Vampires? I'm there! :)


Sep. 28th, 2007 03:43 am (UTC)
yay for the new header!!! I've been dying to see how one of the pics would look and it looks great, plus HELLO HAND PLACEMENT..that strip of skin he's touching, I put that in fics as much as I can, Jack working his finger inbetween the skin there and the waistband of the soft jeans..Sawyer really likes that. ;)

Don't you love Kensei, LOVE HIM..*sigh* Peter, I'm so SO happy that Milo sort of took it upon himself to cut his hair, and yes for gratuitous shirtlessness..I'm all for it!!

YOU WILL LIKE IANTO..I'm telling you that, have I EVER steered you wrong? *smile*

That movie, I saw the previews on OnDemand..HOLY DAMN it's VAMPIRE-OCOPIA, it actually looks really good.
Sep. 28th, 2007 04:52 am (UTC)
Guh, I couldn't resist! I hope everyone enjoys visiting my LJ even more than ever now! :)

Kensei is great! I was never much of a Sark fangirl (I mean, he was a good villain, but I never found that actor hot) but I'm enjoying him in the part. And yes, I'm all for bondage and gratuitous shirtlessness!

And hee, well, we'll see about Ianto! And hey, is John Barrowman in that new "Feast of Love" film? I swear I saw him in a promo.

I'm sworn to see just about every vampire film made, so I'm totally there for the Josh Hartnett flick. And I've liked him ever since The Faculty, even if his movie choices aren't always the best!


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