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The famed fourth episode...

Dear Ianto,

I watched the episode that was supposed to make me love you and nope, not feeling it. Not only are you not at all my type, but I was pretty much rooting for Jack to shoot your sorry, stupid ass! You endangered all their lives over and over! So you'll just come back to work like nothing happened? Gah! Who would ever trust you now?

No love,

P.S. Still feeling the Gwen/Jack.

yes, I am going to still attempt fic tonight!


Sep. 30th, 2007 06:22 pm (UTC)
Ah well, I thought you'd enjoy the stubborn refusal to give up on the idea that he could make Lisa whole again, you know, the whole love will conquer all thing. Clearly I was wrong! lol. But... the ep does mark the point where Ianto stops being purely a background character and starts to be a bit more interesting. (and by interesting I mean fabulously sarcastic on a regular basis)

As for Jack/Gwen... I really like Gwen, I think she's a great character. Sometimes shes suffers from being the 'audience's proxy' in that she can do dumb things or ask pointless questions just for the sake of exposition but on the whole she's cool. I just have issues with her being paired with anyone but Rhys but I can't get into that rant without spoiling you so I shut up now.
Sep. 30th, 2007 06:37 pm (UTC)
Nah! As I said above, it was an odd introduction, since we had nothing to go on about Ianto so far (beyond his being a top-notch office boy), so this huge betrayal was really more along the lines of ... Michael Dawson, almost! I mean, you get why he did it, but he was still incredibly stupid! He reminded me of the scientist in The Thing who begs and pleads to keep studying the creature and endangers everyone's lives in attempting to keep it alive and then gets (justifiably) killed before the end. Sadly, I didn't even find the kiss with Jack hot. :-/ But if he gets snarky in the future, that'll help a lot!

I'm still rather in shock to find a well-written, well-rounded female character on TV honestly! It's so damn rare in US circles!


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