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Magically created for all your Lost fic-finding needs! Got an obscure Lost fic you love but can't for the life of you remember who the hell wrote it? We can help! Got an encyclopedic memory for Lost fics? Go, help out! But above all, join!

  • Aww, Lost fans, ILU

    Sonya Walger has a new TV show. But the really funny part is the comment thread over at EW. Samples:

  • Lost actors on TV

    I did a round-up of who's going to be on what shows when over here. Also, if you missed Nestor (and Sarah Michelle Gellar) in Ringer, the pilot…

  • A year without Lost....

    Except that isn't true, is it? It's been a year since Lost ended, but Lost isn't the kind of show or experience or even fandom that really dies.…

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