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Still enjoying Chuck. It definitely makes me smile. The man tango? Hilarious! And my TV has been sorely lacking in girl fights since Alias started to tank. I didn't TiVo Journeyman and I guess not too many people did either. I just saw that it and Chuck are losing viewers. Awww. I really hope Chuck sticks around!

I think this might be some of the non-traditional tango music used in the ep. Anyway, here 'tis: Cite Tango - Astor Piazzolla


Awww, Hiro, destined never to win at love. Looks like Claire and Peter are doing okay in that department! (Separately!) May Peter continue to be angst-ridden and badass. (Now with Tattoo!) I could very much do without Niki and Sylar as they both bore me to tears. What is it with creepy villains on TV who just won't die? (T-Bag on Prison Break, Ben on Lost, and Sylar?) *sigh* Not my kinda villain. Mohinder, Super Spy = still not very exciting. And hey, Nichelle Nichols! Does that mean Shatner's going to show up at some point? :) Anyway, still enjoying the show. Just read that the actress who plays Maya was in X-3, the Last Stand, FWIW.

Eh, not big on this ep. Although I have to admit that was quite the slashy, loaded moment between Ianto and Jack there when he caught Jack just waking up at work. And interesting to see more of Jack's background. But the fairies? Not all that scary, sorry! But I do like that poem they were quoting ("Come away, o human child, to the water dark and wild...") It was made into a song by The Waterboys, actually. I'd upload it, but I don't have it on my comp.

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