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SPN: The Kids Are Alright

Wow, I loved this episode. I had no idea where it was going at first and I love being unspoiled! Gated Community of the Damned, ha. Mini Dean! I love me some Daddy Dean, definitely. And, for once, a decent love interest for Dean who can actually act!

(Although, heh, I couldn't help but think of the current Bachelor where he fools the girls with his twin brother, though some of them immediately say, "You're not Brad!" and others had no idea and paid the price for not realizing their mistake. Hee. At least he wasn't a blood-sucking changeling!)

And I had no idea who the hunter girl was going to end up being (does she have a name yet?) so I enjoyed that twist, even if she's overselling it a tad. I wasn't a big fan of the actress who played Meg and so far, this one annoys me a lot less, if that's anything. She could settle down and be a pretty good character. Ahh, it's Sam who's making deals with demons now! And Kripke is picking up some unfinished Yellow Eyed Demon business, which is all to the good.

Anyway, no really deep thoughts here, other than that Dean being all wistful over Ben kinda got me teary. *sniff* And there was hardly any Sam/Dean interaction this week, which usually I mind but I didn't here.

Also, I see that ratings are up from the premiere. I guess maybe that free giveaway on iTunes helped! :) I know a few people who have switched over from watching "Grey's Anatomy." Speaking of which...

My Tivo cut off the last minute or so of Grey's. How exactly did George tell Callie?! And did we get her reaction? Thank you!
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