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Lost finale speculation

So I can't sleep and a million things are whirring around my brain, including (surprise) Lost.

Saw the promos for the finale again tonight, which leads me to wonder this.
(Based on the promos and JJ's comment in EW - if you're up on both of those, keep reading):

So in the promos, Sayid is threatening Locke with a gun. And then it looks like Locke is getting shot, but from the back. And in EW, JJ said that the finale would be like "Who shot JR?" Meaning people will be talking about it all summer. So are they literally going to do "Who shot Locke?" Because that seems kind of ... lame.

That's such a soap opera device and would be unworthy of Lost. (Yes, I know it has soap-ish elements.)

Maybe it's a fakeout and Locke isn't shot. But if anyone offs Locke (not that I think that's going to actually happen), I want it to be Shannon. I want her to stab him like Tosca does to the jerk in her life in Puccini's opera of the same name. Since I have opera on the brain tonight.

(BTW: Best tenor aria ever in Tosca "E lucevan le stelle." Heartbreaking. I would offer to upload but my CD is scratched! Phooey. So instead I'm playing the very aptly titled "Nessun Dorma" - no one sleeps!)

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