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SPN - Bedtime Stories

So, because I'm not really in SPN fandom, I didn't know who the guest star of much specialness was until I read about it in zelda_zee's LJ just now. Personally, I think she was oodles better than the actress who played Cassie. Or Jo. Or Madison. LOL. I could go on! So there you have it, an entirely unbiased opinion from someone who didn't have the first clue who she was! I kept thinking "So, is the doctor someone I should recognize?" as no one recognizable had appeared so far.

My attention wandered a bit during this episode. What was up with the frog? But I liked it. And did anyone else think that Sam was leaving Dean when he walked out of that hotel room? That that was his way of letting him go? No one else?

And OMG, I had to laugh because in my abandoned SPN Halloween fic from last year, my whole starting point was the boys discussing The Sixth Sense and how that was Mischa Barton in it! LOL! Ahhhh. Oh well.

And at the beginning of this ep, I thought, "Ooh, maybe finally a werewolf ep!" And then I remembered we'd already had one. Still waiting for a good one, honestly! (Yeah, I think I'm in the minority in not liking that one, apart from the sex scene and the music.)

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No, Sammy, no!
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And I forgot to watch Moonlight tonight. Oh well. And I'm permanently giving up on Heroes. I just stopped giving a damn.

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