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Fic rec/ Good news re: Lost

Allow me to rec a Supernatural fic. I hardly ever read in that fandom anymore but I beta'd this for zelda_zee and absolutely loved it:

Son of a Preacher Man. The pairing is Dean/Caleb Followill, who is entirely unknown to me but happens to be in the band Kings of Leon. It reads wonderfully even if you're unfamiliar with the band (as I am) and I just loved the attraction between them. It's rated R and contains dubious con and some underage (15 and 17) interaction, so is not for everyone. But if none of the above puts you off, I urge you to check it out! It's an incredibly lovely fic, one I think any fans of Dean will enjoy as much as I did.


And good news for Lost fans: As of now, it looks like ABC will be airing the completed 8 episodes, as scheduled, instead of waiting to air the season as a whole, as FOX is doing with 24. (News story here.) All this is up in the air, of course, depending on how the strike goes. I've been getting the latest on the strike here: wga_supporters.

Now let us enjoy our scripted television while it lasts!
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