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Moonlight, etc.

So ... anyone ever see the movie "The Conversation?" I'm betting the writers of "Moonlight" hoped you didn't as the plot last night was such a direct ripoff that I'd say Coppola has a good case for a lawsuit on his hands! I mean, not just the whole "bugging on the fly" scene but the sonic interference (here a bunch of Hare Krishnas, in the film, a steel drum band) that needs to be cleaned up. And the actual twist of who's gunning for whom and the moral dilemma facing the man in the middle, in this case, Mick. I mean, at least put some new twists in if you're copying the general concept!

But, I'm still loving Coraline. She IS Milady from The Three Musketeers, complete with fleur de lis.

Anyway, was that the last ep filmed pre-strike?

I rewatched The Departed on Thanksgiving... how is it exactly that Mark Wahlberg (and not Damon or Nicholson or Alec Baldwin) got a Supporting Actor Oscar nomination for this film?!
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