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A Very Supernatural Christmas

Am I the only one who flailed over the "A Special Presentation" intro graphic?! I totally remember that! It's HERE, I think, among several other TV logos from the '70s and '80s.

And aww, an ep that can make laugh REALLY hard (the boys forced to carol, ha!) and Bad!Santa taking the cookie, and also sniffle over it being Dean's last Christmas and all. We know that won't happen! (Why do I think/hope that Bela will end up being instrumental in stopping that...? I guess because I'd rather see more of her than Ruby. Still, nice to have a chick-free ep, yes? ;D)

This reminded me of the fairy tale ep, with the super happy/super creepy older folks slaying people. (And wasn't that an ep of Buffy as well, with the old guy out to sacrifice ... um, Dawn? *forgets*)

And OUCH for Sammy's fingernail. It's gonna take a year for that to grow back! Those boys must be a mass of scars by now!

So yes, a very good episode!

And a big, fat, happy birthday to holycitygirl! Hope it was a good one!
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