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Foxy vid!

Vid of Foxy's EW cover photo shoot. (Thanks to mediocrechick. It's not spoilery, but I hear the article is, so I'm avoiding it. However, the pics look verrry nice! :)

FOUR WEEKS TO NEW LOST!!! I'm a bit anxious as I really hated the S2 and S3 premieres. *sigh* They were both such huge letdowns after those terrific finales. I don't even know whose ep it is... Jack again? That's really the only spoiler I want to know at this point!

My LJ's always pretty damn Lost-centric (as you know) and with no 24 coming back for the foreseeable future, I imagine it'll be all Lost, all the time. (Just in case anyone wants to bail out beforehand.) With perhaps some talk of Moonlight (isn't there one more ep?) and I'm going to check out that New Amsterdam show. And there's new Torchwood, yes? :) Very much looking forward to James Marsters' guest arc! We've run out of SPN eps, I believe... can the producers just give the writers what they deserve already?
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