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5 TV Wishes

gakked from foxxcub

So you're cleaning all the pollen off your TV screen and a genie pops out. In return for freeing her, she offers to grant you 5 changes to any TV show(s) you wish. With only 5 wishes, what do you wish for?

1. Sawyer and Jack makeout session on "Lost" ;-)
2. Lynette to be horribly killed on "Desperate Housewives" - preferably by her demon spawn
3. Tony and Michelle getting back together on "24" - and getting it on
4. "Alias" to stop sucking and SpyMommy to come back
5. OK, one more "Lost" - Kate, stop butting in all the damn time and saying obvious things like "Jack, Boone died!" (screams and tears hair out)

#6 "Lost" hires me to write for them. ;-D

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