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Lost dream casting meme

OK, so I'm reading that both Ian Somerhalder and Josh Holloway are signing up for crappy-looking movies. Boys, boys, why? You're hotter and better than that! So, what do you want to see the Lost cast do during the hiatus? Here's my suggestions, but feel free to add your own with real or fictitious movie projects. ;-)

1. Josh Holloway and Matthew Fox. Firstly, I would see them in anything at this point. But I'd like to see them in a lighthearted caper flick together. Where they have to seduce lots of pretty women, drive fast cars and motorcycles and save each other's lives a few times. And are frequently shirtless. *g*

2. Josh as Gambit in X-Men 3.

3. Ian Somerhalder - no bad horror movies for you! Please. Then you might as well be Barry Watson, who we all mistook for you in those trailers for "Boogieman" a while back. How about pulling a Topher Grace by taking a small role in a good film with a great director, like Steven Soderbergh?

4. Naveen Andrews - more romantic stuff, like "Bride & Prejudice," but a bigger role.

5. Yunjin Kim - sequel to "Shiri"

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