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Another birthday pr0n for cmere1

Happy Birthday, cmere!!!

This a joint birthday present for the bestest slasher ever and a long overdue "sweater" for foxxcub. A little Foxshy RPS:

Title: Foxshy at the Four Seasons
Rating: Adults only ;-)

Matt looked up when the shower door opened, pleased, but not really surprised to see Josh standing there, naked.

“Need some help with that?” Josh asked with a grin as he stepped inside. He reached for the soap and began lathering up Matt’s chest.

“Mmm,” Matt said, leaning back against Josh as Josh’s soap-slick hands moved to his cock with sure, familiar strokes that soon had him gasping.

“God, Josh,” he panted as he turned his head to capture Josh’s mouth. “Do we have time?”

Josh’s tongue moved lazily in his mouth, starting a slow burn he could feel in his toes. Josh hated to rush. Damn Southerner, he swore. Josh continued his tantalizing assault on Matt’s mouth, withdrawing just out of his reach so that Matt had to lean farther and farther back, panting his need into the charged air between their mouths.

“Always have time for you, Foxy,” Josh purred, increasing the pressure of his hand.

“No, really ... we can’t be late ... and keep everyone ... waiting,” Matt struggled to get the words out in between Josh’s maddening strokes.

“Oh, fuck, who cares?” he cried as he felt Josh’s cock pushing against his ass. He had to lean forward and brace himself on the wet tile as Josh thrust inside him with one sure, sudden movement.

Josh kept one hand on Matt’s hip, kneading the bony area that jutted out below his taut abs, and his other hand wrapped tight around Matt’s cock, the thumb teasing the tip with slow circles.

“Fuck, Josh, fuck!” Matt bit his lip as Josh slammed into him again and again. The tiles were too slick to give him good purchase and he was afraid they’d both fall and crack their heads and then how would they explain that to ABC?

But fuck it, he didn’t care, he couldn’t, not when he was so damn close. The steam and heat of the shower made his head spin as Josh slammed into him, rough and hard, his hand so fucking firm and demanding on his cock.

“I'm gonna come,” he grunted, and Josh stilled his hand.

“Not yet,” he breathed in his ear, his teeth closing on his earlobe. “Wait for me, dammit.”

Matt clenched as hard he could on Josh’s next thrust. Josh responded with a deep, satisfied grunt. “Now” Josh said with a groan, giving Matt’s cock a final, hard squeeze. Matt felt the intense wet rush of Josh filling him as he spewed white-hot cum over Josh’s hand.

Josh clung to him, gasping and panting. He slapped Matt on the ass. “Fuck. Now that’s what I call room service.”

Matt started to laugh. “You egomaniac!” He caught his breath, and then turned around to kiss Josh, even slower this time, his hand digging into his shoulder. Now that they were both satisfied, he could take his time and really taste him, savoring Josh's moans as he put all his concentration into kissing him as hard and deep as Josh had just fucked him.

“We’ve really get to going,” he said at last, reluctantly coming up for air.

“OK,” Josh sighed, giving Matt's lower lip a final nibble. “I gotta go get dressed.”

“Don’t tell me you walked through the hall like that!” Matt grinned at the idea of Josh strolling casually down the hallway of the Four Seasons, stark naked.

“Right. I’m gunnin’ to end up in the tabloids,” Josh snickered. “That sounds more like something you would do.”

“Is that a dare?” Matt smiled, cocking one eyebrow.

“Jesus. You wouldn’t!”

“If I had more time ...” Matt sighed. “Maybe tonight. After we’re done with the panel thing.”

“Fuck. I’ll pay money for that. Damn, I’m not gonna be able to concentrate on a single question tonight, you bastard,” Josh said, punching him on the arm.

They toweled off and walked out of the bathroom. Josh gathered up his jeans and T-shirt from the floor.

Matt went to the closet and pulled out a black leather motorcycle jacket.

“Wow! That’s what you’re wearing?” Josh said. “You tryin’ to look like a badass or something?”

“Something,” Matt said with a grin.

“Well, it’s working. Can I try it on?”

“Sure...” Matt sounded less than convinced.

Josh grabbed it and pulled it on. “Nice.” He surveyed himself in the mirror from different angles.

By now Matt was cracking up. “Josh, it would look better if you were wearing pants.”

“Oh yeah?” Josh ambled over to him and took his hand and put it on his cock. “You like me better in pants?”

Matt shook his head, still laughing hard. “Josh. I mean it. We have to go. Get dressed. For real, OK?”

“OK,” Josh sighed. “But you are comin’ to my hotel room later in that jacket. And that’s all I want you to be wearing, you hear me?”

Revised oh-so-slightly on 6-12-05.
Tags: foxshy, lost_fic, rps

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