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Jack meta/Asking for recs

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Writing a Sarah POV fic yesterday made me revisit the S3 finale and indulge in a bit of Jack meta, particularly when it comes to him and women. I probably won't get a chance to rewatch before the premiere as I'm going out tonight but here's some thoughts.

It seems to me that the whole "Jack has trouble letting go," theme that was in the island story line of "Do No Harm" was better illustrated by the backstory in "Man of Science...." Not that they plan the backstories to tally all that well. I mean, stalking Sarah was the most extreme pre-island example of Jack not being able to let go, although I suppose Christian was trying to tell Jack not to marry Sarah in the first place, and let her go in that sense. Jack was not a great husband: He was never home and he really didn't pay much attention to Sarah until she left him and then it was to stalk her, which is decidedly creepy.

Who has he picked to love? Sarah and Kate, both of whom aren't really capable of loving him back. Kate is spooked by commitment and ping-pongs between Jack and Sawyer. Sarah never said she loved Jack, not in any scripted dialogue at any rate. And when he turns to both women for help post-island, he's somehow burnt his bridges with both so badly that simply walk away from him.

Is Jack that unlovable? Is he purposely picking people who can't love him back? What did he do that was so terrible to both of them, or is he just that much of a mess? Are we going to find out some terrible thing he did, some terrible decision he made that drove Kate away? Like Sarah, is she just washing her hands of him because he's beyond help and she's with someone else now? (Which doesn't speak well of either woman, honestly.) Personally, I think he should have gone after Gabriela but maybe he felt he couldn't because he'd failed her by not saving her father.

Anyway, nothing new there, really, just some thoughts swirling around my head.

Also: I keep seeing people ask for Hurt!Jack/Caring!Sawyer fics and my list of recs is two years old! So if you want to rec a fic or link me to a fic of your own on that theme, please do! :) For my part, I've written the pirate 'verse and The Mix-Up. I can't think of any others at the moment.


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