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Lost: The Beginning of the End

OH NO THEY DIDN'T. They did NOT just split up Jack and Sawyer. AGAIN. They delight in tormenting us! *cries* Although, of course, Sawyer and Sayid wrestling Jack away from Locke was very nice.

Okay, other than that one fannish complaint, an excellent ep. Like good fanfic! Mysterious, moving ... SO GOOD TO SEE EVERYONE AGAIN.

Sayid throwing the gun to Sawyer! (Who never gets a good night's rest. *wink*)

CHARLIE!!!! (I had heard he was making a cameo but I still flailed.) The afterlife has been good to him, as it has been to Boone. Clearly, there are hairdressers in Craphole Island heaven!

AND WTF, the Oceanic Six? So that's Jack, Kate, Hurley and whoever was in the coffin. AND? AND......? And Jack was fine at first, going back to practice medicine, just like we were all sure he would! Ohhhhhh. I am anxious to see what happens.

I guess I don't have much to add at this point, except that for once I actually enjoyed Ben being snarky and Juliet didn't bother me a bit. The reaction to Charlie's death was more than I expected. Damn straight, they better make his death count! Okay, off to check in with everyone else.

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