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Lost: Confirmed Dead

Shoot: My TiVo just rebooted -- in the middle of (well, 3/4 into) Lost, so I missed a 5-10 minute chunk. Can anyone fill me in?
And yes, I'm using a Juliet icon. Hell must have frozen over, yes? ;)

Okay, I missed a chunk before Sawyer was holding a gun to Ben's head: Did Ben try to shoot Charlotte? What happened right before that? THANK YOU!

And this is kind of a "stay tuned" ep. Hard to comment on where things stand, except that they seem to not have bothered to hire any hotties this round, LOL.

And look, canon (almost) Sayid/Juliet! It's true, she no longer bugs me. :) HALLELUJAH!

I guess I don't have much else to say except that Sawyer looked hot. Sayid looked hot (stroking the helicopter stickshift, hello!) and ... I guess that's it. See you next week!)
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