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Lost: The Economist

Totally unspoiled so I was totally surprised... The suspense is terrible... I hope it lasts!

ZELDA!!! Are you still breathing after that ep?!

(I'm writing this first so I can collect my own thoughts before scanning my flist. Yeah, it's 4 am again and no one's up but I just finished watching!)

They didn't kill off Sayid! He's one of the Oceanic Six. HE'S LEFT THE ISLAND! No more Sawyer/Sayid, no more Sayid/Juliet... hell, no more Sayid/anyone on the island! (So much for the theory that Claire would be his "surprising new love interest!") And he's killing people for Ben?!!!!!

WTF happens between now and then? I haven't been so on the edge of my seat, so in suspense with an episode, in ages.

Again I cry ZELDA! A sexy, future AU for Sayid with many twists (I did not suspect Ilsa!) that's all you could ask for, but will we even see him again this season?!

Hurley and Sawyer helping Locke?! That's a twist. Although Sawyer's reasons make sense but ... I don't really like love-whipped Sawyer, you know? But I'm beginning to think he does stay behind. :-( (Please no one spoil me!)

And there's clearly a time discrepancy with the island...

Wow. I can't believe there's this much forward momentum with Lost this season. Really. I'm stunned they picked up the pace this dramatically. It really feels like the finales and that's a GOOD thing.


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