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I TiVoed the 1993 movie "My Boyfriend's Back," just for Matthew Fox's role as the dumb jock, Buck ... (Hee, he makes his entrance in a letterman's jacket, backed by the school band to ask his girlfriend to the prom) and OMG, I didn't realize that there's an Oscar-winning actor in this too. One I just watched in "The Savages" last night... It's Philip Seymour Hoffman! Just billed as "Philip Hoffman" here and he's the jock bully friend "Chuck" of Matthew Fox's. That makes them Chuck and Buck, LOL! Ha!! I think PSH is trying to channel a Neanderthal here!

Future star of hit TV show (LEFT) and Future Oscar Winner (RIGHT)

More caps here @ Matthew-Fox.net

You have to see how HIGH Foxy's hair was, LOL. (Click to enlarge)

(Oh, and given that Foxy was born in 1966, that makes him a 27-year-old high school student! And Philip would be 26... )

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