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SPN: Jus in Bello

Ahh, I really needed that. This week SPN >>> Lost, definitely.

SUCH a good episode. Creepy and action-packed and a bit of plot advancement. I always love a good siege scenario. (I guess those zombies could have waited forever out there for them, eh?)

Damn, I love it when enemies see the light and come over to the Winchesters' side. RIP, Agent Hendrickson. You were a good man.

Creepy little kid demon = extremely played out? *shrugs* Makes you miss YED, yes?

Random question: What does Ruby get up to when she's not helping out the Winchesters? Sexing up random chicks at bars? LOL. Giving beginner witches tips?

Meta on women on Lost, SPN, Sarah Connor Chronicles
Even if you hate Bela, you have to admit (or not) that it's kind of refreshing to see a female character that's unapologetically BAD and selfish. She really is only out for herself. (I suppose, maybe, she has some noble endgame with the Colt, but I doubt it.)

I get tired of the waffling with, say, Kate on Lost. She's not evil, of course, but they always try to have it both ways with her and it just doesn't work unless we bend over backwards as fans. Why is it so hard to write complex female characters on TV? I'd say, so far, they're doing a decent job with Sarah on Sarah Connor Chronicles. She's capable of being extremely ruthless but she has a conscience and a heart. She's tough without being a bitch. And she's *gasp* a mom and she lives to ensure that John lives and yet somehow we don't see her as *just* a mother. And now that Juliet (on Lost) has picked a side, I find I quite like her. I really hated the "is she evil or isn't she" angle we were treated to all last season, and the way that EM played it. Glad that's all over, yes?

BTW: I missed this week's SCC ep and went to watch it online. FOX's online player is the best. No commercials, and --- icon makers! -- no corporate logos, no onscreen ads of any kind. And the phone rang and I was able to pause it for over half an hour! You can't pause the ABC player that long! But, sadly, the Reese Bros. backstory didn't hold my attention. I'll have to watch the rest of the ep another time.
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